My dates are confirmed!!!!!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Ezra and I are getting married in September (dk if we should reveal yet) and it's just gonna be an intimate session with our love ones followed by dinner!

Our banquet date is 8 Dec 2018. Kinda like the many 8's between! At the fullerton hotel ballroom. I'm mega stoked because have you seen the place after its revamp? MEGA GORGEOUS. The chandeliers…is like thousands of stars above as we walk down the aisle!

Our venue shopping was somewhat limited..cause both ezra and I either didn't have the time to meet the coordinator or coordinator too busy to meet us. We thought that shopping for our venue early would leave us ample choices and dates. BUT OH NO, I'm wrong. We were "fighting" with another couple who wanted the exact same dates as us. I thought our planning started so darn early!!!!! But my coordinator mentioned that there are couples booking like 2 yrs in advance alr. Our jaw literally drop 🙄

Ok, we were lucky to view the ballroom when the staff were setting up the banquet! You see! You like need Super minimal decors as the chandeliers were WOWWWWSZZZ

Didn't like the stage setup, but we'll worry about that later… hahaa

Whatever it is, we got 8 December 2018!!

We actually viewed only 1 other hotel whom I shall not name but the service was terrible. And the rest we googled and researched online. Being very picky as the venue sets the atmosphere for the wedding, either the stage was cheap looking or the food was terrible or the many ballrooms that the hotel has would confuse our guests……. we finally made our decision! And I'm happy about it!

Okay so it's one off our lists of our many wedding to Dos!

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