Omg like what just happened?

Slept my entire day away!!!! 😭😭 it's currently 9.25pm right now and I'm depressed. I actually set my alarm at 7pm but I don't think I heard it! Wowz, I must have been dead beat but how the hell am I gonna sleep tonight!!!!!!! 😑

Today's turn to Cape Town was especially smooth despite the fact that the Z Monster was attacking me furiously during take off and landing… 😂 2 more nights till I'm home! 😌

And I missed the Colour pop launch!! 😭😭😭😭 anybody bought any extras? SELL ME #dayrebeauty

Eyeshadow by ABH modern renaissance! That's my ride or die palette! 🤗 btw many curious cats ask me how long I take to put all that makeup on… 20mins tops? With smoke breaks in between. 🙊🙈 I'm easily distracted haha!

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