Wedding gowns

Been researching a lot for my white gown through pintrest, Instagram and magazines! Can't seem to make any concrete decisions yet.

I brought ezra and my mum for my gown fittings! Jessicacindy was such a dreammm 😌 she specialised mostly in mermaid gowns I think? Tried on like 5 gowns and I loved them all! Of course it comes with a hefty price tag but even mr Sim was so impressed! Haha his eyes sparkled when I came out from the changing room in my first gown… so precious this boy!

Subsequently, ezra and I made a very last minute decision to give Amanda Lee a shot. Hmm, what can I say…. their gowns are mostly laced with illusion necklines. I tried on like 4 gowns there… ranging from A line to mermaid and ballgown. I wasn't very impressed with the range and I felt that the gowns offered were "ordinary"? Idk how to describe… haha. I liked the idea of the illusion necklines and bare backs! But definitely there isn't " the one" for me to walk down the aisle.

Idk if I should give Tanjong pagar bridal studios a shot.. I don't like the cookie cutter gowns they offer but then again… the price at jessica cindy, I prolly can rent like 4 gowns at those bridal studios. Lol! 🤣

PLEASE HELP! Let me know if there are any bridal studios worth visiting!

In the mean time, mummy told me to keep my options open and continue looking for inspirations since I've got so so much time.

After trying like 10 gowns, I think mermaid fits me best! Kinda sexy and classy altogether. Love the back details and the way the train flows!

Love love loveeeee the shiny details on this one! Bustier is ❤️ even when ezra says my boobs will be super in the face?! 🌟

Illusion neckline! I like the style but it's abit tooooo lacy. Ezra says like ah Ma! Hahahaha the shape of this gown is perfect! Not too mermaid-y

Don't think I'm gonna post any of the gowns I tried on to keep it a surprise! Haha!

Till then!

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