Wedding videographers / Photographers

Alrighto! After settling the contract yesterday… it's like the burden is finally off my shoulders! 8 dec 2018 it is, oh how hard did we fight for this date 😌 I'm a proud wifey-to be!

Even though I'm 1 yr and 6 months ahead, I feel the planning is overwhelming!!!! I need to book my AD photographer and videographer like pronto… esp those popular ones to avoid disappointments!

For Photographers… I'm undecided between Bobby Kiran and Pixioo. I love both their works and within our price Budget that mr Sim set for me. He left most of the work to me leaving me a budget as he felt I was particular with such stuff πŸ™„ nvm though, cause I don't trust his taste. Bahahahaha

Bobby has taken AD and preweddding for some of my friends and colleagues! He is very friendly and even helped me with recommendations with the videographers! I love his sense of creativity from the shoots!! And my friends all recommended him as well! Idk my heart says yes but our budget would mean cutting cost on videographers πŸ˜ͺ

Came across @sherlynchanwp for Pixioo and her photos are mad gorgeous! I love love love their Chijmes wedding setting and Samuel himself managed to capture the romance and special moments for the couple!! They partner up together with Fresh From Kenneth and I liked the raw aspect for his videography! Ezra isn't a big fan but I guess we can work something out with him. With the price given for this, I can have more Budget for my wedding stylist? HMMM. Decisions.

Last but not least highest kite productions! I LOVE THEIR VIDEOS! Have been rewatching them like a thousand times and Christopher was especially helpful when I emailed him. His works are very personalised and professional! Ezra says looks like watching commercial hahahaha.

Sigh pie, very hard decisions to make so if anyone has any opinions! PLEASE SHARE! @dayrebrides

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