Got so excited with my brows yesterday that I forgot to mention that I finally headed down to #salonvim after a good 8 months!

Due to the nature of my job ( cabin crew), I'm constantly sporting the French twist look which requires ALOT and I mean A LOT of hair spray and gel to keep my hair in place for a 13 hour flight to London! Company policy is NO BABY HAIR sticking out and the twist needs to be very neat!

Over the years…. IVE LOST ALOT OF HAIR. But thank god to good genes, I've still got an acceptable head full of hair. The texture of my hair is coarse and thick! So it definitely adds up volume!

Yesterday I finally got the time to pamper my hair with @salonvim! I did the texture control treatment that smoothens out my unruly hair. I love love love that treatment!!! My hair is tangle free as of now and it gives a natural shine to the hair! Doesn't my hair look ALOT healthier?

I consulted with my senior stylist, Steve from the Bugis outlet, and he told me I should do a perm to revive my waves. I wanted something very natural and easy to manage hence he advised me on bigger curls. My hair texture as I mentioned, is on the coarse side… I don't really need to perm every 6 months. I do it like once in 15 months!!!

I did a 1inch trim to my ends, getting rid of my split ends! I'm trying to keep my hair as Long as I possibly can for the wedding shoot that is happening next week!!!! I'm so freaking stoked!!!! Hahahahahaha

I'm thinking of doing an ash grey dye hair contouring service the next time round. I always check out their IG for hair inspirations!!!!!! Super Tumblr worthy! BUT I need to really consider as it means more time will be spent of spraying my hair black for work πŸ˜’πŸ˜Ÿ

Ash grey, something like that!

I love this strawberry highlights!!

And the best part is, I'm still able to keep my base at black/dark brown. This will require lesser bleaching which equates to healthier hair!

For those whom have been following me Long enough, you would know that SALON VIM is my to go place to get my hair done! I trust no others! Only Steve!!!! Hahaha even my parents, Brother and Sister in law goes to him!!! He is super patient and kind with my tangled hair + he isn't very pushy with the treatments. Like my mum said, she wanted to do the c curl but he advised her that the curls are still ok and won't be affected even after cutting!


You can follow them on IG for more info!


And my IG @leannelow for more!!!


Good night guys!

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