Munich shopping! 👗👠👒

Okay so my main purpose of this trip was to head down to COS to get a couple of dresses which my mum and I spotted online!

So it's more like….


Spent a grand total of 400 euros. LOL my allowance is long gone…. 🙄🙄🙄 ….. in 2 hours. But I bought quite a couple of dresses and tops and accessories okay!! Plus plus I've not shopped for clothings in particular for a very long time. #excuses 😆

Right, so let me share a couple of items I bought/did not buy… since I was busy sending pics to my mum to QC.

Yellow tunic/TOP/ dress idk what is it. But I really like the Colour combi! Plus like yellow=summer?! Plus plus 30% disc?! It's very unlike me since I usually dress in black but yea. I need a change!

Bought ✔️

Since I'm TRYING a new Colour… I thought why not? This dress has cute pockets!!! BUT mum says I'm "Swimming" in the dress. Too big even when it's tagged a xs #asianproblems 😩 anyway the Colour was really really loud. Like a bright mustard yellow and I kinda look like a walking lamp post in this.


Okay I've got a thing for stripes. I LOVE STRIPES. And navy blue with stripes=win!

Well, the length is a tad too Long for me… again, #asianproblems. But I really liked the material for this! It weighs abit and I loveeeeeeee the hidden pockets!!!!! 💕


Colour block! My mummy's fav!

Abit too matured for me but the flare and fit of this dress is Super good!! I like the uneven hem lines and when I twirled in this dress, it gives a Very pretty flare!!!

✔️ BOUGHT ( more for mum)


Where do I begin? Haha the pleats oh my god, loved how it flowed with the dress and it also has a pretty flare when I twirl. It's a little formal but I can make it work.


Okay this is really tiring. Hahahahah. I have to crop all my photos!! And it's annoying. I tried on a couple more items and purchased more than this hence the price of 400 euros that is deducted from my debit card 😩 figured it was worth it since me and my mum share clothings. We're the exact same size from head to toes including bra size, how convenient right? Hahahaha!

If you're curious, COS is abt 30% cheaper in Europe as compared to SG even with the exchange rate of 1.55 right now. I wear a size xs/ euro34 for everything!!!

Sorry if my face looks constipated in some of the pics cause i was on a changing marathon and sending pics and replying my mum on WhatsApp all at the same time. LOL 😂

That's it for now! gonna go back to my Netflix nowww


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