Currently in Shanghai now, I just touch down and finally made it to the room after all the delays + remote bay saga.

I'm so very very tired and hungry and lonely. I'm waiting for Ezra to touch down.

Sigh, my boy left this morning for his direct San Francisco flight. I felt super alone when I woke up to an empty space beside me.

We have been spending so much time together recently and the sudden thought of him leaving and the time difference we've got
to endure the next couple of days, got me so close to tears.

I just laid on the bed and hugged his bolster.

I regretted not waking up to say good bye properly.

I don't understand how couples leave each other for Long flights. Long flights = 4 sectors = minimum 7 to maximum 11 days of flying.

Like how we promised that we'll not do 4 sectors without each other. But even with a simple 5 day Europe, our roster doesn't necessary match in day offs which just snowballs into what, 7-10 days?

I take for granted the times when he is always the one waiting for me to touch down no matter what unearthly timing it can be.

He ALWAYS live in my time zone so that I won't be suffering.

Facetiming me 24/7 just so that I have his company

Buying me my fav breakfast noodles even if it means waking up early just to go down to get it before it sells out.

Making 100% effort to change to my flights to match my offs.. just so we have more time together.

And the list really just goes on…

Absence makes the heart fonder?

I miss you so much baby. A little more patience before we get coded.

To happier days,


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