Bored AF // Beijing

I'm stuck with very crappy flights this entire month 😭😭😭 don't know if it was a good idea to give away my one and only London flight to help a Friend. She wanted to fly with her boyf and I know how hard it is to change flights!!!!! So I emphasise her situation and we both came to an agreement.

I'm stuck with 3 day patterns and turnaround for the entire month and THIS IS ONLY JUST THE BEGINNING. And I'm alr so tired….. from all the back to back flights 😭

Sigh. I'll get through it!!!!!! I CAN DO THIS. 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Anyhooo, I touched down from Beijing with a spam of messages from Ezra. He felt so so bad for not waking up earlier today to help me pack my bag and talk to me. Hahaha, I see the poor boy so deep in his sleep even when the lights were on and I was using the hairdryer!!! He slept through my whole 2 hour preparation and poor thing la this boy, so I didn't wake him.

He texted me asking me if I got shampoo and toothbrush. Lol ABIT TOO LATE but yes I brought everything b!!

Not bad I also received a #selfie from him. Saying : nah, in case you forget how I look like

So here's one back for him..
Please miss me plenty plenty onboard!!
( forgive the horrible lipstick)

I took a shower and started going thru the room service menu….

Lately I've got this STRONG CRAVING for porridge. Like any porridge would make me happy… if you follow me on IG, ezra has been cooking porridge for me every night the past week. Hahahaha my cravings are real man. A bowl of porridge.. preferably thick consistency congee style.. with a can of peanut and an egg would make me god damn happy.


So this came.

Don't be deceived. It's damn bad.. the porridge was Super watery. More water than rice?? And it was too peppery!! Still edible and I was starving so ya, bo bian. Just eat. There were like maybe 3 pork pieces inside? And ya. Just very bad.

Lol my video to Ezra, describing my gross porridge.

Indeed, Ezra' amateur porridge is way better than this. He says he can open a porridge store if he keeps on cooking for me. Hahahah!!!

Okay, shall continue watching my 2 day 1 night now.

Night night everyone! 👋🏻

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