Only the beginning of the week and I'm exhausted. Barely slept for only 1hour before I had to spring out from bed at 4am to get ready for work! Lucky It's only a KL turn.

Initially planned to sleep at 6pm and NO NAPS, because Ezra and I have a flight tmr and gotta be up at 2am. 2AM let me repeat, 2 AM!!!! OMG

No surprises, plan failed and we fell asleep and look what we have now. I'm Awake at 11pm! Haha 3 more hours till my wake up call.

Putting aside the mundane life Im gg thru now, I have been receiving so much love from my sponsors!!! The denim dress is from @shopjenith ( Instagram) and I love love love everything abt it! It's simple and cute. Boyf says I should wear a dress more often!

Petite girls like me would understand the woes of dresses, the length is ALWAYS the problem and I'm too very lazy to alter them. Hence I'm always in my denim shorts and top ensemble! 😩 #lazy

I'm excited to share more outfit post the next couple of days!!! @shopjenith has been so generous and I GENUINELY loved every single piece of item I received thus far! Shall plan my outfits!


Next up is the @ashleighandsage necklace I've received. Almost forgotten all about it! But I remember wearing this outfit matched up w this necklace on a dinner date with Ezra a couple of weeks back. Haha we never say no to dressing up and good food!!! 😌😌😌😌

Loved how it spice up my little black dress from @younghungryfree 🌟🌟🌟

Lol this pic never made it to my ig post but Ezra can't stop laughing at my face. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH okay, it's really quite funny. Post it here just for laughs ok? πŸ€—

Ashleighandsage has been accessorising me up the past couple of months! And by far, their items are Super unique. The nearly worn to death dual bar cuff has gotta be my Favourite!!!! Special disc for all my readers… they're offering a 15% disc storewide! Quote "leanne15" upon checkout πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


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