My outstation skincare routine 🤗

Finally complied a ( very small) list of items that I bring overseas for work! Packing light is the crucial point here, so most of the items are in travel, less than 100ml, in packaging. Boyf always complains how heavy my bag is and I'm trying my upmost best to repack all my makeup + skincare + soap/shampoo/conditioner. Haha still working on the latter, but I'll get it done soon! ( repacking your shampoo and soap is such a chore esp with the amt of hairspray I use, 100ml cfm not enough! )


THIS, definitely made it to TOP OF THE LIST! I love the texture and smell of this face recovery serum. Actually, I chanced upon this item when I was in sydney and just happen, i ran out of my usual serum. Stepped into Chemist warehouse, and idk why but I decided to pick this up since I heard a lot of the brand, Sukin!

This liquid like serum gives a healthy glow to my face! It works very well on my face type as I get Super small pimple-like bumps all over my cheek area if I've got makeup on for too Long. After a 14hr London esp, my skin would be screaming for help as my makeup cracks and my face starts to itch!!!! With just a short nap after this serum, I would notice a significant difference in appearance on my face!

It definitely fades my pimples and brighten my face!

I'm definitely thrilled by this product cause it cost me $14.99 at Chemist warehouse and delivers what it claims! I realised my skin is smoother and my hyper-pigmentation marks has improved drastically! I like how this milky like liquid absorbs into the skin so quickly before I put on my moisturiser. Not to forget it's organic! I'm onto my 2nd bottle right now and It's def my no go item whenever I travel!


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