We've got a month and few days before our solemnization and I'm eager to say that everything is going as planned! All my vendors are such nice, patient and Creative bunch of people and I can never thank them enough for everything they've done for #ezleaxweds!

I'm still working on that hashtag (lol) but I really can't come up with anything. Ughhhhhh…. give me ideas if you've got some! Fiance's name is Ezra Sim and I'm
Leanne Low! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

24th was the day of errands.

We had our first appointment over at substance films. Yang is such a friendly and funny guy. He helped us with our timeline for the day ( we had zero clue) and listened to our vision as how we wanted the highlights to turn out! I'm quite excited for that cause I went through all their videos on Vimeo a million times and am very impressed with the quality and turn out! Yay👻

Subsequently we rushed over to get my solemnization dress which was Made to measure! I only had one fitting with them and I'm so impressed by the quality and turn out of the entire dress. No pix for now cause i want it to be a surprise. But think Boho style? I would post the pic up together with the vendor after my rom ok? Haha!

Last appointment of the day was over at Jessica cindy to meet my lovely dressmaker!!! My actual day banquet is abit far off from now, but I would love to bring my dress to New Zealand for my pre wedding shoot in January. 😩😩😩 my mum thinks it's abit too early to cfm my dress as of now and fiancé thinks I'll change my mind over and over again 😕

One of their off the racks and I love the back and the lace train! I don't know why but my body is like abit slanted or either that, I didn't wear the dress properly. Hahahah.

Another of their off the rack dress and Ezra likes this. I think it's too simple and predictable… hmm?

Haha as you can tell I really like mermaid dresses. Most of their off the racks are too big for me 😩 so jessica has to pin up all the excess fabric. I like the lace on this one! Very feminine 😃

I'm still so undecided. If I were to get a bespoke dress, jessica needs a lead time of at least 6 months and I won't be able to bring my dress to New Zealand. However, if I were to decide on the off the rack dresses, she would need 3 months to get the alterations done and I would be able to bring it for my PWS. 😩

Honestly, most of the OTR dresses are so so and not exactly what I envisioned my dress to be. So like 😩. Mummy told me to just be patient about this whole process and I would definitely find something in time to come.

I don't know how other couples pull of their wedding with just one year of planning!! My actual day is more than a year away and I'm having panic attacks every now and then!!! LOL

Crediting all photos to my ever so patient fiancé ❤️

Back to my solemnization, at least everything is falling into place for that! Just confirmed my MUA 😍👍🏻


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