Excited to share that my eyelashes are looking so damn fluffy!!!!!!!

I got them done at black swan lashes by Rebecca at Bugis cube! My set cost about $148. I know it is priced on the higher side…. but it's super duper lasting.

I did a touch up only today for $66! And this set has been on my eyes for nearly 2 months. My makeup for work calls for heavy eyeshadow + eyeliner and yet! It still looks damn good 🙂

Yea, you see! Eyeshadow + fully drawn eyeliner 😄😄😄


So how do I remove my makeup?

I use a mix of bifesta makeup wipes and the bioderma OIL FREE makeup cleanser! Carefully around my eyes I wrap the wipes ard my index finger and gently rub upwards towards my brows.

My number 1 fav cleanser!

And the regular makeup wipes from bifesta! Both available in Watsons, Lazada and Guardian!

After bathing, I would use the extra step to dip a cotton bud into the bifesta and clean near the lash line. There are always makeup "leftovers". So be sure not to forget this step!!!

TADAH! Fresh face! Hahahahaha forgive those dark eye circles though 🙄

I'm NOT SPONSORED by black swan! I just get a little discount for every recommendation. And this place is a gem!!! Most of my crew friends patronise her shop cause ya, the cabin crew circle is so small lol. It's like going to a mini control centre whenever I'm there! Always seeing familiar faces!!

Just want to share with u girls my experience at black swan and it's my favvvvv place thus far. I never go to other shops after them!

Quote " Leanne" to get 10% disc for first time trial! ❤️❤️❤️ you can show them my photo if you want the same lashes as mine, Rebecca would advise you from there!

Black swan: @black_swan_eyelash_by_rebecca

My Instagram: @leannelow

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