Omgg! Time really flies. I still remember the day Ezra and I were calculating our dates with vera and how we exclaimed " AH SO FAST AH" when she showed us the few auspicious dates we've got. Now now, its less than 1 month and we're ALMOST all set for our big day! 🎊

The journey for wedding planning is actually quite fun despite my #bridezilla moments. I actually enjoy "chatting" with vendors and getting inspirations from pintrest. No shit, but our theme would be " cheery travel fiesta"! Though it's tacky and common, but I feel it's most suited for the both of us since we're flying and we met each other and fell in love on a Tokyo, Los Angeles flight. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

My sweet vendor, Lala, is extremely thoughtful!! She gave me so many ideas as to how change up the travel theme. It's going to be a very colourful event with streamers, balloons, tassels, coloured paper planes and confetti!! I got so excited when I saw the mood board she designed for us! It was well worth the one week wait 😍


FiancΓ© and I had our disagreements with getting a stylist for the wedding. But I really wanted one despite being a small event for immediate family members only. It's our once in a life time! And no doubt, this isn't the banquet but it's gonna be our anniversary date we would celebrate in the many years to come. And it HAS to be memorable like that! He caved in subsequently. Hahaha poor boy. Kenna psycho by me.

We managed to get everything settled in 2 months! From the venue, jp, vendors, outfits, photographer, videographer….. all that is missing is MY wedding band. Lol we've not called to chase the shop since we've got one more month. But im thinking, WHAT IF IT DOESNT FIT. Like I lost or gained too much weight on my fingers and it doesn't fit me no more. Are they able to resize immd??? Hmm

Timeline for the day is more or less settled, we've just got to wait for the hotel news to let us check in earlier. They only can let us know 1 week prior to the date 😩 hotel policy. Ugh.


I'm excited for the trial I have with Christina Chia in 9 days time. I'm still unsure if I should go for a bold look. I like the idea of red ljpstick and smokey eyes! But will it be too dramatic for the evening?

I like the Lip Colour! Very sultry looking and The focus of the eye makeup is more on the lashes!!

This kinda reminds me of my work makeup. But lol, I can totally imagine myself with this makeup walking down the aisle… but fiancΓ© says I can do this on my own without a makeup artist. Hahahaha

This is very soft and romantic. Don't really like the lip Colour as it makes her look very pale. And I don't look good in nude lipstick, cannot carry off la…… I wish I was 10x fairer.

This is not badddd.. can consider.

I think ultimately, I'll need to seek advice with Christine regarding my skin Colour and the outfit I'm wearing to match my makeup. All this researching is just making me even more confused. I should just leave it to the expert!

All I can do now is have my beauty sleep and masking to Ensure my skin condition is tip top for the day!

A little sneak peak of our shoot.

IM SO EXCITED TO BE YOUR WIFE MY BOO BEAR SIM! 😘😘😘 May our marriage be blessed with happiness and adventure! I promise to love you and always be the annoying Wife whom steals all the blanket at night! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰


** btw, I'm selling the gown above I wore for my shoot. Lmk if anyone is keen. $80 with pick up. Fits a uk6-10, corset back


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