Taking a little break off work this week, all thanks to my us visa, and decided I should pamper myself!

It's about 3 weeks more to my big day and I'm busy camping over at #dayrebrides and read that hair colouring is most optimal 2 weeks prior to your big day! I'm a little excited and since I had time to spare, so I headed down to salon vim Bugis to get a little makeover 😍


I guess the salon needs no introduction! Hahaha they are well known for their incredible hair colouring services as well as miraculous treatment. No, I'm not overselling them to you girls… stsly, no other salon I've been to actually left me feeling 100% for my hair.

My hair stylist steve at the Bugis outlet is so meticulous with my hair. Haha my hair was super tangled when I first walked in and he painstakingly used a small comb alongside with his assistant to untangle all my hair… lol I was so embarrassed but I swear I combed it before leaving the house that morning!!!!! #woesofmegalonghair

He showed me the Colour chart and my main concern was.. I DO NOT WANT TO BLEACH MY HAIR!!!! Hahaaa I showed him a couple of inspiration photos I got off Instagram for reference and told him the main purpose of my hair colour… which is to be styled for my wedding! We went through the Colour chart and we both agreed that an ash brown would be suitable for not only my skin Colour but also for my big day itself.

On top of the hair colouring process, he also encouraged me to do the texture smooth double treatment service that has topped their chart for their best selling treatment!!!!!

Okay I got Super excited as he explained the 10 ritual step treatment…

1. It helps prep my hair before I dye it
2. Maintains both my Colour and perm which I did 2 months back
2. Targets my hair concern problem which helps strengthen and moisture my tresses
3. Designed for lazy people like me whom wants fuss free hair!

After 4 hours of pampering, I left the salon feeling extra confident and pretty! I love my new hair!!! The curls are extra bouncy and not to forget the sheen I get from the colour… my hair is extra soft and I don't see it getting tangled! 😍😍😍 I seriously can't stop touching my hair hahahaha!!!

I'm embracing this new Colour for the next 1 month before I have to dye it back black for work ( ugh). Now I understand the joy in getting your hair coloured… it's like a brand new me when I walked out of the salon and I see myself spending more time looking at my wardrobe to match my hair.

Salon vim is having a promotion for this texture smooth double treatment. Priced at $198 for a limited time. UP $400 for my hair length.

My next to do list is getting multiple cans of black hair spray for work. Hahahah, I Guess it worth the extra amount of time to get ready…. but ya, gonna embrace it in the mean time!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️



Most of my preparation has been done! And I finally made time with the ever so famous Christine Chia to work her magic on me. I've been researching so much on different makeup artist and I loved how everyone has their own style. I don't think that there is any bad artist there… more likely the style they go for does not suit your needs. Being an ala carte bride also left me with different choices! So after getting the theme for the rom I managed to narrow down the type of look I was gg πŸ˜„

I agree that Christine prices is are a little higher than the market rate out there. If I'm not wrong, my ROM makeup and hair ( one look) + trial almost cost me $600? Budget fail again hahahah. But I liked how she studied my skin condition as well as asking me for pics of my dress for the day. She did recommend me the looks I could go for and we had some trial and error before confirming everything.

Okay this photo is #nofilter. I liked how light and glowy I look! She helped balance my uneven eyelids and shaped my brows. Omg brows, seriously, I love how she drew them!!!!!! She did the hair-like strokes! I was like WOWWWZZZ your brow skills damn good! Hahaha apparently she does eyebrow embroidery la… hence she is more particular abt brows

She did a very light smokey eye for me as requested since my rom is taking place in the late afternoon. I wanted to look natural and radiant if you get what I mean!

She required a lead time of 3 hours. And at first I was huh why need so Long?!!! But during the trial today, I realise she is very meticulous with her makeup… making sure that each eyelash is stuck on is symmetric to the other eye and how she blended various shades of foundation accurately before patting it on my face! Well, you pay for what u get la! Hahahaha

No pictures for my hair cause It was just a mock up! However, I'm doing a messy side bun with braids. I'm so excited! And I'm so Glad I chose her as my makeup artist. If all goes well, I'll probably get her for my actual day itself 😍😍😍😍

Any Christine Chia btb?? Cfm no regrets! You made the right choice! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #notsponsored btw

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