I really should be attempting my quizzes right now but ughhh, I'm so lazy. Every year I've got to go through the same thing as it's such a chore 😣😣😣😣😣 I rather fly seriously, at least I'm earning $$$$ 🙄

The other day, fiancé texted me to let me know that my ring is ready for collection. I don't know why, but there isn't much excitement??? It's been sitting in the shop for nearly a week already. But I got no feels, not the least thrill in collecting my ring. I don't know to laugh or cry at my decision for the ring cause i felt so rushed into making a decision!

So please #dayrebrides start looking at rings the moment you're engaged!!!

To be honest, the ring isn't cheap. Almost 4grand if I remembered correctly! Lol it's expensive taking into consideration that is the price for only MY ring. But fiancé told me that it's a once in a life time purchase, and items like wedding bands we shouldn't stinge on. I AGREED to that statement he made… but the original ring I wanted is 8k. And i really can't justify to part with the money…. 😭

Consulted with fiancé a couple of times regarding my decision, and he comforts me by saying that the jannpaul ring is really good enough. Being a flight attendant, we use our hands a lot so I'll be even more heart pain should the 8k ring bear scratches. Ughhh, I'm so confused. 😖😖😖😖😖

I'm having a lil crisis right now.. and he's on a flight back home from London. Haha nobody to rant to… so here I am. Bear with me or skip this entire post if I'm to whiney… lol

Looking at other #dayrebrides choosing their rings…. I feel even more depressed. I regretted not making more time in searching for my wedding band 😩should have start earlier la!!! Oh my tian.

On a happier note, look at who is gonna be my flower boy!!! Hahahah none other than my Nephew!!! ❤️❤️ major love for him even when he irritates me by opening up my laptop or attempting to climb out the window from my bed. Fiancé says all kids are like that… but seriously, I can't look after him for more than 10mins before I pass back to my mum. Lol, motherly instincts haven't kick in yet for sure.

Made for him an aeroplane sign as he walk down the aisle! Haha Super cute if he can don a pilot uniform.. got this from Taobao and it's very well made!! It's part of our prop for our photos as well and of course, a decor for our new place coming in 2020!

Everything with regards to the wedding is also falling into place, Sheraton towers is able to give me a super duper early request for check in!! A huge sigh of relief on our part…… at least we can plan the itinerary and most importantly my makeup artist can meet me there.

Also got a text from our korea studio that our photos are going to be shipped out this week! Whoooo, I'm excited to see the album and frame! I'm quite satisfied with their service and would probably do a full review once everything is settled. Gonna be printing another album on my own as well from the Korea shoot… just got to figure out photoshop all over again 😄

Okay gonna pig out during dinner right now.
Bye! ❤️

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