Fulfilled day!

Today after my meeting at the training centre, Fiancé and I decided it's high time we collected the ring. Given the fact that my weight fluctuates like mad, we got kinda afraid the ring would be too loose. And yes, it was a little 😕😕 the sales associate was kind enough to offer to resize service after my rom since it takes nearly 3 weeks.

He told me to wear it for a few days before deciding on the resize as our fingers width differ and different timings of the day. We've also given some thought to the engravings on the ring… but due to time constraints, we'll get it done after the ROM as well.

Welll…….. I guess my expectations were very low when I was collecting the ring, hence I was a little surprised! Not as bad as I thought it'd be. Hahahaha maybe the photos I was referring to during my older post wasn't as nice as it is in reality. Showed it to my family and yes, everyone agrees it's Super bling and eye catching! Esp when worn together.

A boomerang of my sparkles! ✨✨✨

Headed down to Vivo city to queue up for Hai di Lao for my brother's birthday! It was jam pack with people.. their business damn good seriously! We went there at 4pm and got a seat by 5pm in the VIP room!! Hahah so lucky right!

Ended dinner with a birthday cake of course! I'm thankful for my family whom has been very supportive of me since day 1.

Daddy whom used to ferry me up and down school till I was 18 yrs old. Mummy aka my twin whom behaves more like my Best Friend and always very encouraging. Brother whom will always look out for me and treating me like a lil girl always.

With Ezra being my Friend till boyf and lastly fiancé, they are always including him in family events and gatherings be it big or small ones. They don't have to, but I'm very happy that everyone is so welcoming of him! I'm thankful for my family and sometimes Im guilty of taking them for granted. Blood is always thicker than water.. so appreciate your loved ones! 2 more weeks till we wed! ❤️❤️


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