Woke up early this morning filled with excitement cause we're going to file for our marriage ❤️ haha brought my engagement ring out as well….

So our actual appointment date is tmr at 9am. But both of us refuse to use 1 precious day of our annual leave just for submitting of documents hence we heeded my batchboy's advice and walked in. We called the day before to enquire first and we were told that it's possible to walk in without an appointment… just might need to wait awhile.

Hence our ticket says no appointment.

There wasn't much of a queue though rom was crowded. We were the next in line! Sat down for less than 5mins till it was our turn 👌🏻

Anyway the procedure was very quick. Just sign a few documents and each of us had to recite an oath. Pretty funny cause the women at the counter can actually remember the oath so when I accidentally missed a line, she corrected me 😂😂😂 both Ezra and I were giggly as we did this…. didn't expect it la 😝

The whole process took about 5 mins before heading to the photo booth!!!! Haha it's free btw, so why not? 😅😅😅 I think there were 5 tries and we took 4 times till both of us are fully satisfied with the pic #toovain

We didn't bring a selfie stick which we regret 😩

I die die had to take pic with the ROM signage outside cause I saw soo many couples doing so!!! But he thinks that the sign doesn't make any sense and very ridiculous. Oh well, kenna forced. Hahaha there was nobody ard to help us take a photo too so we just #wefie 🤗

More #wefie after leaving the place to ion! 🤗

Also an #ootd post cause it was a damn hot day but I took the effort to dress up a little and wear jeans lol.

TOP: Forever 21
JEANS: Topshop
SANDALS: Primark

The countdown is real guyz, Two more weeks! I'm more excited than nervous actually. This wedding journey with Ezra has been nothing but an adventure!!! I remembered how we panicked during the start with zero clue on wedding planning. But everything is falling into place with the help of our family and friends!!! I'm so Glad that the people whom we are close to are all part of this ❤️

Every nitty gritty details has been settled, except the vows part… lol. I don't know abt Ezra but I have a rough skeleton out that needs fine tuning. I really wonder if both of us would tear on that day… choking on our words and all.. hahahaha. Can't imagine how that day would turn out.

Baby boy,

I'm so thankful for everything you've done for me thus far. I knew from the start that you were the one and we would eventually settle down…but everything you've given me for this ROM and banquet is above and beyond. It's a plus that I manage to get all the vendors I want that's for sure! I'm also very grateful for you patience and the time you've spent with me during this planning process.

Penning this down because I would like to remind myself of this assured feelings I've got for u in the many years to come! I know our relationship would not just be rainbows and unicorns.. there would definitely be ups and downs. I promise however to always choose you; through the laughters and tears.

I love you! 13 more days till we become a team! ❤️
👰🏻🤵🏻 #ezleaxweds #dayrebrides


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