Woke up abruptly in Germany at 6am so here I am with a long awaited skin care post that I'd like to share! So yes, getting married stresss + work makeup has taken a toll on my skin after the many years of flying. I would not say my skin was fabulous before but I noticed that my skin has changed over time. Before, I had noticeably oil skin during my teen years but later transformed to very very dry skin when I started flying and later combination? Dk if it's the change of weather or hormones? 😨😓


I came across sukin skincare on one of my auzzie flights and the products caught my eyes cause their mantra on their products indicate that " skincare that doesn't cost the earth". I tried out their facial recovery serum ( mentioned in my earlier post) and wow, I'm in love!!!!! Noticed almost immd after the first week that my skin was clearer with no breakouts!

I jumped on the Sukin bandwagon and decided to try out more of their products after gg through two bottles of the serum!

I have facial moisturisers targeting all kinds of weather btw. Haha.. the nature of my job exposes me to different climates and it can get very trying on the skin! I needed something more for the tropical climate like Singapore… where it's humid and warm. My skin tends to get oily quickly half way through the day and I would like a greasy mess by the end of the day should I not touch up my makeup.

Tadah! MY NEW BABY ❤️❤️❤️

This is an oil balancing facial moisturiser… cream like texture, very light but yet hydrating! I've just purchased this and have been using it for 2 weeks now. It does the job of keeping my skin matt due to the rice powder, but never dries me out on my less oily face area. I do believe I see a little improvement to my skin after using this- skin breaks out less, not as many blackheads form.

HOWEVER… The smell of this moisturiser can be a put off. I don't know the exact words to describe but it's very earthy and strong. The smell goes away after a while but the first pump out of the bottle, you'll def get a whiff of it. Lol, imagine slathering the cream on the face… 😣 the smell, omg I really wished they can change it.

I use this only when I'm in Singapore or warmer climates btw. Tried it here in Frankfurt and no. This isn't moisturising enough. Had to keep reapplying 😩

Very affordable as well, at only 14AUZD! If I'm not wrong, Guardian and selective Watsons sells this as well! Not sure of the price range though.

I bought the facial scrub as well! Since I didn't have one for my travels and read reviews how both products work hand in hand, I decided to give it a go!

Application wise, the product is a cream like texture that contains beads. The smell again, is very strong and bad…. 😖. I use it twice a week and leave it on a little longer in the shower before massaging it into my skin with water.

As compared to the other scrubs I've tried, this is very very mild and great for sensitive skin. It doesn't dry out my skin despite the jojoba microbeads! I notice that it controlled the oil secretion on my skin and minimised the pores. Again, I feel this product is best used in warmer climates.

My final verdict?

YES. And YES AND YES. I would recommend this range of sukin to friends and family whom are on a lookout for wallet friendly yet organic product!

I'm not 100% in on the facial scrub because I feel the skinfood ones work better for me. But the moisturiser is great if you can get past the scent! I love sukin products and have been actively reading reviews online on almost how awesome all their products are!

Btw I'm not sponsored by them. Just purely out of love… I decided to do a review since I don't see many on #dayrebeauty. I've put these products on the test and I realise I don't need to touch up my makeup AT ALL! I only use the moisturiser during the day btw and the scrub twice a week. Well, a smooth and hydrated skin is the secret to having flawless makeup! ❤️❤️

Hope this helps!

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