Three more days till we say give our lives to each other????

Omg I cannot wait!!! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž#ezleaxweds

The jitters are real. I've been spending all day crafting out a letter for Ezra. It's so hard when I've got 1 million things to say yet I don't want to sound too Long winded. Ezra and I are reading aloud the letter on Tuesday and we would like to keep the content a surprise!! We came up with a way comparing our letters via the number of lines we've got on iphone notesπŸ˜‚ just so we are on the same frequency.


I've been considering about a mini moon with Ezra. Our main honeymoon would be New Zealand next January alongside with another pre wed shoot there. I would loveeeeee to go Bali or Maldives. Since SQ doesn't do layovers in Bali anymore… I thought it'll be nice. But this boy keeps talking abt the Bali curse πŸ˜ͺ

We've got an additional 7 days of matrimonial leave next yr and haven't got any plans yet. Any recommendations on Bali or Maldives villa's? Somewhere resorty!

Apart from our flights together, every year we try to plan a trip somewhere!

Some of the places we visited in the last few years were..

Korea! Primarily for our wedding shoot.

New York 🚩

Bangkok 🚩

Paris 🚩

Istanbul 🚩

Tokyo 🚩

Fukuoka 🚩

Disneyland LA 🚩

Venice 🚩

Milan 🚩

Rome 🚩

Capri 🚩

Cinque terre 🚩

Sydney 🚩 haha crew will know this mirror

Johannesburg 🚩

London many times 🚩

New York 🚩

Phuket 🚩

Melbourne over CNY 🚩

Zürich 🚩

Hahah the list really continues………….

Once we get couple coded, COF's would be less like a bitch and yay to 80% of togetherness! I like to say that we make a great team both at work and home 😌😌

Before I side track, do give me recommendations for honeymoon destinations!!! I would love to hear more! πŸ’ž


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