DAY 1 AS MRS SIM 🙇🏻‍♀️

Day after our wedding.

Wow, I'm still so lovestruck from our entire solemnization. Almost everything went as planned except for one thing which gave me a mini heart Attack but was quickly resolved thanks to my hubby. 😘


Main reason why we chose Sheraton was the beautiful waterfall!!! It is so amazing! Both of us were looking for an outdoor venue which could accommodate our guests for 20ppl. Ezra and I recce-ed sheraton and confirmed them on the spot!! Our coordinator is Serena Ng and she went above and beyond our expectations. She replies all my emails and calls promptly which gave us so much assurance.

Look at that!! ❤️❤️❤️
Picture taken off Google but 😍😍!! I walked in from the side.. crossing over the bridge while my hubby was standing at the end of the aisle.

Another reason why sheraton was our Top pick cause my mum used to work in Sheraton when she was preggers with me before the opening of our own hotel. Brings her back to the days… and with her connections, we also managed to get quite a good deal with an upgrade to their bridal suite for the night! I had a VERY VERY early check in of 8am before the rest of my vendors started streaming in. Glad that we had that upgrade srsly, if not idk how to house everyone 😆

Met the GM to thank him before the mad rush!

Entrance to our suite and my mum quickly filled the ice bucket with water and planted the bouquet in it 😂😂😂

Awww! All the hotel staff were congratulating us since we arrive. The reception even called is 20mins after we got into the room and checked if we needed anything else. She called me Mrs Sim at then and I'm like 😬😬😬…. not used to it la! I was the only bride using the waterfall area that day so my vendor had a lot more time for the setup!


Makeup artist for the day is Christine Chia. She requested for a full length mirror and we shifted it to the Window for a natural sunlight. SHE IS AMAZING…… I kinda need to do another post abt her. Everyone was complimenting my makeup and hair the entire day! 😍

Managed to sneak a photo while the VG and PG was setting up. It was a mad rush srsly!!!

It was so thick and she took 2 1/2hours to style it cause she is such a perfectionist!!! I can't wait for the pics from her!

Pics from my family.

We engaged WULALA as our stylist! She really transformed the place beyond our expectations!

Ezra and Leanne cut out boards! Loved little details on the table! ❤️ our theme was travel fiesta!


The aisle I walked down with my daddy!!!

Didn't get a good shot of our entrance decor but yea, that is my Nephew! Hehe ❤️❤️ the flower boy for the wedding!

I did away with a floral arch after much considerations as it'll cover the waterfall background. WULALA helped me with the brainstorming and we decided on colourful streamers across the area. She later hung paper aeroplanes with fairy bulb lights across to complete the job! Not shown in the pic cause she was still in progress..

The maids and my bro were rehearsing with my Nephew for the walk in. He held the plane board!

The setting was PERFECT.

Everything we envisioned our solemnization to be, it turned out even better!!! I feel so grateful to all my vendors, family and husband for making this day so special!!

All these pictures are credited to our family and friends.
When it was all over, Ezra and I huddled on the bed and talked about how the day went. We can't believe we managed to pull everything off! It was pouring so heavily that morning and I texted ezra how I am so worried for our outdoor setting. The weather didn't even look too good during the afternoon and I received so many calls from Serena with regards to changing our location to the function room.

Hubby was so adamant on having it outdoor as planned. The VG and PG were also helping me Google on the weather status while I was destressing in the toilet. LOL my mini meltdown 😂😂😂😂 well, all that worry and stress seemed so distant now, luckily I listened to Ezra and took the chance. IT DIDNT RAIN! 😬😬😬😬😬


Today is the beginning of our journey Ezra… challenging as our future might be.. I forsee it's gonna be an incredible one! As our love for one another is reflected in our lives.. I believe in you. In us. The person we'll grow to be! I'm truest blessed to be part of your life… and yesterday, our lives ❤️ you'll always be the better half of me 💑 I love you!

Stay tune for my next update!


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