my solemnization makeup and hair by Christine Chia

Fresh from the oven!

Christine Chia sent me the pics for my hair and makeup! ❤️❤️ I loved the wispy bohemian look she gave me 😘

She took 2 1/2 hrs for my hair! Not including my makeup….. she put in her 100%!

Everyone was full of praises and I received multiple dms!

Shall share more tonight!! ❤️❤️


I had many queries regarding my makeup artist Christine Chia I engaged for my solemnization!

First of all, she is so pleasant to work with! I remember meeting her for the first time during my trial makeup and she was alr so so friendly. She made me feel at ease and asked me for pictures of my gown before deciding on the hairstyle and makeup I'm for.

During the trial, I showed her photo references for the hairstyles I'm gg for. She retied my hair many times showing me the different variations I can go for! Her fingers are super nimble and I honestly had a good time with her then! I wasn't too worried on the makeup factor as I wanted a natural look… can't go wrong I suppose. Though it was just a trial, I was alr impressed by her skills 👍🏻😊

I paid extra for the trial… not sure how much. But I feel that it's very much needed since I've not work with Christine before. I read reviews online but of course I still wanted to meet her personally. Almost everyone sang praises of her awesome skills and one bride even had to do her makeup at 0130am??!!! Cause Christina was alr fully booked that day!! LOLLL 😂😂

Christine arrived promptly during my solemnization and started her magic as soon as we reach the room. We chatted and talked about makeup for almost 3 hrs. Lol… time really flew by.

She gave me a soft pinkish smokey eye and added lash extensions to my lower lash line!! I loved the effect and it help brighten and enlarged my eyes. My lips were in a coral shade and Husband Sim says I look very koreany hahahah

My hair.. omg was beyond MY expectations!!! I thought it was nice enough during the trial. But WOW…. she managed to tie my unruly Long thick hair into a Low side bun with intricate braids for a dreamy boho look!!! Everyone… including my VG and PG were mesmerised by the hair styling!! She took a Long time to get my hair up but the results paid off!

A behind the scene by Husband Sim

So how much are her charges?

The question that everyone has been dm-ing me on Instagram! Hahaha

I paid $685 for 1 hair and 1 makeup for my solemnization

It includes –
Trial makeup at her place
Flowers for the hair
1 hair + 1 makeup ( not airbrushed)

I'm not too sure if her prices has increased but that is the price I paid for my solemnization. I enjoyed my time with her and am so in love with her works that I booked her almost immediately for my actual day banquet in 2018!!



I would definitely recommend Christine Chia for your makeup artist if you've got the Budget!!! I love her sincerity and passion! I'm not paid Nor sponsored for her service and this post. Doing it cause I feel she is really that awesome. 🤗

Other makeup artist that I was considering were:

Adeline Lim
Cleo Chang
Jas Tan

I still have my pre wedding shoot in Singapore to think about! And am on the fence with the many many makeup artist available in sg!!!

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