Can’t believe I’ll need to “wake up” in 3 hours time to get ready for work. SRSLY…. Sydney reporting at 5.10am? 😫😫

Thank god Husband Sim managed to change for this flight. Feeling a little better that I’ve got him even though both of us are having insomnia right now lol😬

Had Hightea @ TWG mbs to celebrate my batchboy’s birthday!! Popped a champagne as well cause why not? We finally got to meet shanny’s gf after a gazillian years… hahahaha! It was my first time to TWG! Impressed by the selection of teas they’ve got…. but I’ve got free ones onboard the aircraft. I don’t feel the price is right to pay 😣😆😣

#wefie ! Cheers to 5 yrs of friendship and many more to come!!! We’ve all grown so much since our training days…. now 2 out of 3 of us are married??? Hehe shanny your turn soon ah!

#wefie on our wedding day!! 10/10!! Can celebrate wedding anniversaries together!!!

They surprised me at the airport on my birthday!! Super sweet and super effort!!! 💞 im so blessed 😌

Our fav activity to prawn 😆😆

Cause I don’t drink and we’re way passed the party stage… hence we turn to prawning at Punggol 🤣 eh actually it’s been awhile since we last prawn!!

More prawning days.

EH Srsly last warning I was damn fat last time??????????????????

Travelling the world together! Rmb our Johannesburg flight and the weirdo chief??????

Rmb how bored we were and just wanted to buy cakes and balloons to celebrate!! ITS A GIRL!!! LOL #leanneisnotpregnant

Meeting in LONDON and paiseh, gave Brandon the wrong directions and he was walking round and round looking for my hotel 😆

Attempting to surprise Brandon at his place during his birthday BUT this boy wasn’t home. We hunted all over singapore in the middle of the night for cakes u knw!!!

Having friendly “competition” on my Instagram to see who’s face gets the most likes 😂

LOL Shanny you lose by 10 likes.


Cheers to our 5th yr anniversary my boys!!! Though I can be such an ass to pangseh you guys and go on a holiday with my mum…. I KNOW THAT YOU STILL LOVE ME UNCONDITIONALLY!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

#batchies4life #seaaquariumers

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