Can’t believe I made it to Sydney with 1 hr of sleep!! I survived or should I say WE SURVIVED this 8hr torturous flight!!!! 👻

The both of us checked in this morning and YES!! Our spouse code is up! After the torturous trips down the training centre… everything is starting to pay off!!! We’ll need to make another trip down end of the month to attend a “briefing” before getting coded.

Headed straight out after flight cause of the 3 hr time difference…….. and the shops closes Super early. 😒 we wanted Thai food but the foodcourt was a total dead town by 7.30pm……. bo Bian, we settled for macs

The burgers are quite good! Wonder if it’s because of the meat or cause we are so damn hungry.

The weather is damn chilly and I brought only dresses or t shirt 🙃 hahaha lucky enough, Husband Sim is kind enough to bring me a back up sweater though I was Swimming in it

S26 changed their tin!! We’re being good aunties and uncles by buying my Nephew milk powder. Check the price, it’s like more than half the price of sg!! We’ve been supplying milk powder for my nephew and now with the second kid coming along… WE NEED TO BUY MORE. 😂😂 my Brother and sis in law win!

#dayremummies can take note of auzzie milk powder prices! There is a maximum number of purchases for the powder capping at 4 per person. All the China tourist are wiping the shelf off the milkpowder

The can is revamped and it’s also a new and improved formula.

🙆🏻: next time will u supply milk powder for our kid?
🙆🏻‍♂️: I better not be flying by then hor


Stocked up on our favourite popcorn as well! THIS IS THE BOMBZ. The slightly salted, lightly sweet is our favs!!! We bought back 4 large bags 😁 hopefully it won’t explode in our luggage’s😬😬😬

Tmr before check out, I’m gonna head down to the Chemist warehouse to stock up on my sukin serum. Hopefully it’s available

#nofilter but I’m obliged to say that this serum has improved my skin drastically + smoothen out my face #dayrebeauty

Okay gonna end here abruptly. My eyes are closing as I type this post…… heh Aunty needs to sleep now.

Good night guys! 🤗

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