Sunday’s best

Woke up at 2pm before jetting off for dating time with husband Sim! Idk why lately I’m experiencing severe insomnia…… I sleep at 6am on most days 😣😣😣 plz I need a remedy!!!

Husband Sim say why am I dressed so sexy! Hahaha I love the high slit and the button down body con. Very flattering!! Hehe dress from @/Shopjenith ❤️

Matches my new pair of shoes perfectly!!! Shoes from Zara and it’s so comfyyyyyy…

Can’t believe the weekend just flew by like this 😒 flying has taken a toll on me… seriously. I’m very lethargic all the time even though I sleep 10hours the night before. And on certain nights, I’ve got chronic insomnia and stay awake through the night till morning 7am 😵 whole body pattern is very very screwed up!!!

Putting that aside, I’ve also got my awesome Husband for company which makes flying 10 times better. After our solemnization 2 weeks back, we’ve been doing back to back flights with each other! Having company to eat, sleep and talk to is very very comforting. 😌 poor man though, I don’t let him sleep whenever I’m insomniac 🤣 suffer with me!!!

Tmr we’re embarking on our last flight before annual leave!!!! CANNOT WAIT. We’re gg to Maldives!! Air fares and accommodation costs a bomb there BUT our job gives us perks like these. I’ve got all my outfits and bikini’s ready even though it’s a very short stay… hahahah. Excited cause it’s my first time staying in the kurumba resort! 💞 eh eh mini honeymoon right??


Going home means collecting all my parcels which also means NEW THINGS to share!!! 🤗🤗🤗

Received a couple of new items this week… featuring the bucket bag from @/thesophialabel!! I customised my name on the bag and am loving the red/black contrast!

Got the Instagram Husband to help me with the photos and we decided to bring it to Maldives and our Guangzhou trip!! 😌😌

Sophia was generous enough to sponsor me 2 bags and i jumped on the idea and decided to get the laptop bag for Husband to be matchy matchy! Will post up more photos soon!

Also VERY VERY excited to share what I’ve got from storeunda! ❤️❤️❤️ Valerie’s designs are amazing!!! I’m even thinking of using her outfits for our pre wedding casual shoot 🤗

Will be back to share more tomorrow!! 🙆🏻
Night night everyone! #dayrebeauty

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