Day 25 of my lashes by @/black_swan_lashes_by_rebecca! ❤️

I did my lashes on 2/10… abt one week before my wedding! Hehe opt for a slightly more natural lash that time round as my makeup artist was afraid it’d weigh my eyes down.

Makeup time has shorten to only 10mins on my casual days!

In Guangzhou, I narrowed down my makeup to essentials only.

On the face:
Primer- hourglass veil primer
Eyebrows – Anastasia Beverly shape definer in chocolate
Face – Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation shade 4
Blusher – nars orgasm
Highlight – becca in opal

#dayrebeauty getting ready a lot faster!
Yay to lash extensions!! ❤️❤️❤️

My lashes has definitely drop during the pass 25 days… but it’s very very gradual. With proper care and attention, I believe that it can lash up to a month and a half!!! Read my older post on how to care for it 🙂

Haha trying to show u guys my lash line. If you see carefully… the inner corners are abit sparse!! Always the first to drop cause I still enjoy rubbing my eyes and also I don’t have much real lashes there to begin with. But srsly not very obvious!!

Black swan by Rebecca is located at Bugis cube, 2nd floor. Quote “Leanne” for 10% off first timers!

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