Introducing the very compact 2 in 1 wireless earphones from @/ on Instagram in pink!

I’ve been using it contentiously to test out the battery life as well as sound quality system… and seriously I’m amazed by the quality for the price it’s selling!!!

Features on WHY I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

– small and compact yet still very stylish
– love that it’s wireless so goodbye to tangled earphone wires!!!!
– the earphones cover doubles up as a portable charger so you’ll never have to worry that it’s Low in batt! Just pop it back on both ends to store!
– charging time is short for the portable charger at less than an hour
– can be used as a headset with built in mic
– great quality with noise cancellation @ such a good price of $50!

From my own experience, I feel that it’s very easy to use even for an IT Idiot like myself! They have a tutorial on their site which explains very very clearly how the earphones work 🎵

All wireless earphones comes with a 1 yr warranty! $50 and still got warranty??? Lol, I think it’s very worth it.

The wireless earphones from is paired via bluetooth from the device to your phone! It’s compatible with iPhones and androids.. even your ipad tablets + laptops from MAC/ windows!

So as I mentioned… it’s very idiot proof so here’s how it works!

1. Simple click on either side of the earphones to start it up. There’ll be a blue and red blinking light! This indicates that the earphone is looking to pair up with the other side.
2. Click on the 2nd side of the ear piece.. holding it down. With the blue light blinking, it indicates that both earphones are now paired!
3. Using your phone. Switch on the Bluetooth and pair it with the earphones


Hehe! So damn satisfied with this earphones & do you know that wireless earphones are currently in trend!!! + it can be really expensive. Read on further for a disc code specially for my readers only!

The earphones comes with 3 different ear tips to fit ANY pair of ears for extra comfort!

There are currently 4 shades to choose from and I was so so damn torn between the pink and black ones! Husband told me to get the pink so it’ll stand out in my bag should I be rummaging thru it 😆

Me, attempting to show u how the earphones look like when using!

This wireless earphones is my PERFECT accessory for travelling! I use it not only as a hand free headset when I’m driving but also when I’m home watching shows on my ipad. My biggest woe with my prev earphones is having to untangle the wires and getting them caught ard my hair when I’m lying down. Also, the wire tends to “break” over time.. affecting the quality. I went thru countless of earphones the past 2 yrs!!Haha Ezra knows🙈

Quote “ LEANNELOW” during checkout for $5 off to all my readers!! 🎉🎉🎊🎊

The wireless earphones from @/ is currently retailing for $54.90 on their website! With the $5 off it’ll be a whopping $49.90 only!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Thanks to the kind innovators of for this awesome disc code!!! ❤️

Website :
Instagram :

#dayrebeauty #dayretravels #dayre

Check my instastories @leannelow to see the product life! 😁😁 I had so many enquires on it via ig… and hope it answers everyone’s questions!

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