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Being a flight attendant, I constantly have to paint my nails red for work and it can get really tiresome 😕 imagine painting it before every work sector!! Therefore, many of us turn to gel polish @ nail parlours to achieve a longer lasting coat of red polish. But srsly, time and patience is cruical!!! I h8te having to get manicures cause

1. I need to make an appt 😩
2. Travelling down to the nail parlour
3. THE WAIT while manicure is being done. Ugh, I can’t even use my phone!!!

Okay maybe I’m just really lazy…. but getting my nails done at the parlour all the time can be really costly! And my nails are so thin and brittle that it doesn't even last me a week!!! Yes we use our hands at work a lot and imagine closing and opening compartments non stop + packing items + clearing trays… these are all sure ways that no matter how great the gel polish is, it doesn’t last!

My point here is that having my nails consistently painted red has made my nail beds very yellow and just gross! Furthermore, I always experience “little bubbles” while drying my nails and worst of all, takes forever to dry!!! Sometimes I even get a little impatient and start fiddling ard.. and omg it smudges 🤦🏻‍♀️ effort wasted!!

So yes girls, I found the perfect solution to all our problems at a friendly cost!

EASY PEEL by @ Roxie Design Lab

Esther @estherljh approached me earlier this year with the latest technology of achieving gel like polish at home. What more, it saves the agony of having to remove the gel like polish cause all you need to do is PEEL IT OFF! So simple, yet brilliant!! I was so excited to try!

Esther sent me her starter kit and a couple of nail polish samples. She’s trying to get the SQ colour right! Haha i use dark red for work.. OPI’a got the blues for red is my exact colour.

So the starter kit consist of :
3 nail polishes of your choice
1 exclusive Nova Lamp – designed to safely, rapidly and evenly cure the gel polishes.

As she knew I was a flight attendant, she also sent me a smaller Nova Lamp for me to bring overseas!

No base coat is required for their polishes as it’s already built into the formula! As instructed by Esther, the top coat is also not necessary but recommended. Unlike regular gel polishes, there also isn’t a need to wipe your gel polishes with alcohol wipes after curing it under the UV Lamp as it won’t be tacky and sticky.

Whoohoo! So much time saved!! Manicure made easy into 1-2 steps. 😉

Lol as you can tell, I don’t have very nice nails to begin with 🙈 I was excited to test out their shimmery shades!! 😍 so with this Nova Lamp, I only require 30 secs to dry my nails. The outcome was Super shiny and glossy!! Though it requires a little more effort in getting the polish only on my fingers and not touching the skin ard it, I believe practice makes perfect!

Haha testing out the red to check if it’s work approved as well the shimmer shade which was love at first sight on the website! 😍

The gel polish shades which I got from Roxie design lab were :

1. Run them red lights
2. Simply burgundy
3. Black widow
4. Snow White
5. Candy man
6. Under the sea
7. Pixie dust

She has really cute names for her gel polishes!!

Husband Sim was trying his best to take step by step photo’s but failed miserably. But you do need to file and have clean nails in order to achieve an even coat with the nail polish!

Removing the gel polish gotta be my favourite step! HAHAHA I feel the satisfaction in just peeling off the polish and have clean nails! I’ve tried it a couple of times… and the polishes last me abt 1 1/2 weeks + no more yellow nail beds!!

@Roxiedesignlab on Instagram

Being more than satisfied with the products @estherljh is selling, she’s also such a nice person!!! She delivered the whole kit right to my husband’s door step and yes she’s a fellow #dayrebride & have helped me a lot with my wedding planning 💓 thank you for everything once again!

#dayrebeauty #dayrebrides

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