When you’ve plan too many shoots… and don’t have enough gowns?! Haha #firstworldproblems #dayrebrides

Really love this navy mermaid gown! 😍💓 I found it really fitting and flatteringgg!!!!!

And that mad chio train?!?!? Can’t really be seen cause of the colour of the gown… but there’s floral motifs on the train

MAD CHIO & I just had to try it on even when I can hear Husband Sim in my head gg “ NO NO NO” 🤣 very revealing but it’s sparkly!! My weakness 😍😍

Haha there, this is how revealing it was 🙈 BUT DONT U THINK ITS STILL VERY PRETTY WITH THE RIGHT INNER GARMENTS?????? Sadly the gown was quite loose so I couldn’t see how it’ll fit.

So I’m in a dilemma for my pre wedding shoot in New Zealand which is happening in 2 months time 😫 after my solemnization in October.. Ezra and I kinda slacked off abit and now I realised time is running short. Hahah we haven’t done a single planning for the trip… not even our air tickets 🤣

help help help me recommend bridal studios that offers affordable rental for 10 days!

I think I’m kinda ambitious to plan like 5 shoots. 1 down, 4 next year??? 😂 No wonder Ezra buay tahan me half the time.

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