Really like the afternoon sun-rays from my room! 😄 touched down from an overnight flight to Melbourne… ughh 7hrs flight time and I felt like a aged ALOT from the lack of sleep and cabin air on this particular flight 🤔 IM SO TIRED

Slept for merely 2 hours before chionging out to get my stuff from Chemist warehouse. Haha Super unglam but yea, was sending #selfies to the Husband to show him how I felt.


Face so big till it can’t fit Dayre’s squared photo 🤣 anyhoo… I couldn’t be bothered with makeup so I drew my brows, threw on abit of blusher and gloss. Anyway it was just a 1 hr trip to eat and run errands!

Bumped into my crew at the Vietnamese joint nearby. Im not a fan of pho but I was starving so I just dealt with whatever nearby. Here’s her bowl of beef ramen! Don’t really get why they separate the meat from the noodle soup 🤔

And uh, this is my bowl of crispy duck pho. The combi is a lil strange…………. barely ate. Still very clueless why I chose to go in the pho shop instead of hungry jacks which would make such a more satisfying meal 😕

Was hunting high and low for my Chemist warehouse. LOL I realised every auzzie trip, I would either be in search of sukin products or milk powder for my Nephew. It’s actually a pretty great place and I would compare it very closely to Singapore’s watsons.. but at marked down prices! 👍🏻

And honestly, which girl isn’t a fan of Watson’s???? Or which girl isn’t a Watson member??! Hahahah!!! Bought some toiletries essentials as well as stocked up on my skincare! Yay! Excited to try the masque and hydration booster oil since the reviews online are 👍🏻

I’m slowly exploring more of sukin products since my skin is reacting well to it. Realising I’ve got sensitive skin of the late, I break out whenever I “ try” new brands which made me extra weary. ( I’m too lazy to do patch test, lol never learn my lesson) my skin turned super rashy and itchy from Clinique’s products!! Like wth!

Decided to give the hydration booster from sukin a go since online reviews has nothing but good things to say! It’s an oil like serum that claims to improve skin elasticity and deliver bright radiant skin with just two drops a day. I also really like how u can reapply it when skin craves a moisture burst or when travelling in dry air environment. GREAT for my Europe trips since it’s winter now 😬

Also this detoxifying clay masque from the Super green range which I love. A mask recommended once or twice a week that will help give youthful healthy skin. The ingredients kinda intrigued me as I read abt how Gogi berry helps promote dewy complexion. I’m sold! 😍

Yea so after completing my errands, I came across this doughnut shop which had suchaaa Long line. The doughnuts were not labelled and the counter lady even came out to explain to everyone of the different doughnuts they’ve got today! MY EYES WERE LIKE 😍 and MOUTH WERE LIKE 🤤

So yea, came home with half a dozen since buy 4 get 2 free? OMG I’m too greedy, I’ll end up having to bring everything to sg

Came back to the hotel room to try the Nutella ones and IT WAS OOZING WITH CHOCOLATE. Damn sinful but damn worth the calories. Okay once in a while la!

Heh trying on the face mask before I shower! Suppose to leave it on for 15 mins on a damp face and neck before washing off with warm water. Can’t wait to see the results!!!!

#dayrebeauty #dayretravels #dayrefatties

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