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H E L L O (again!) 👋🏻

It’s the end of the year season and that spells travels, holidays and anything wanderlust! Everyone loves everything to do with holidays because … what’s not to love!

So, what better way to see the world through @leannelow’s eyes especially when she’s a cabin crew! We know her job is more than just “travelling the world” and though it has its own glorious moments, most of the time it is alot of hard work.

Today, she’ll be sharing with us some of her favourite stations as crew, travelling tips and her personal favourite styling ideas 🙌🏻 We’ll also be featuring what is good for all that travel #OOTD from our upcoming collection launching on Monday! Let’s get right into it ~

Happy 11/11 everyone! My name is Leanne or many would know me as @leannelow on Instagram. I recently got married to the love of my life, Ezra, on 10/10 ( yes 1 month 1 day anniversary!) we are both flight attendants and have been flying for 5 years!

When we officially got together as bf and gf, Ezra told me that he promises to give me a lifetime of adventure. Awwwww 💓💓 Sweet as he is, he is doing very well so far! We’ve travelled to more than 20 cities around the world… and these are a couple of our favourites!

These are the few memorable trips I had with him thus far! We travelled around Italy for 10 days with Rome as one of our fav pit stop! Followed by Los Angeles Disney land! It was my Husband’s first time there and we had a blast 💓💓 next in line would be JAPAN.. who doesn’t love japan and the vending machines which sells practically all kinds of things! Last but not least, would be Paris! The city of love ❤️ it was his birthday flight and we took time to do a lil sightsee!


My favourite city would definitely be New York for it’s iconic skyline, vibrant people and of course, shopping!!!! No matter what time of the day it is in New York, there is always something gg on. Truly living up to its name of “ a city that never sleeps” imagine shopping in a 5 stories f21 at 2am! I kid you not 🙂

New York City, 2016

Second up would be Tokyo, Japan! Bringing back sentimental values, it was the flight where I met my Husband 🙈 besides so, both of us are HUGE FANS of Japanese food! From visiting Tsukiji fish markets at 6am to taste the freshest catch of the day to drinking the creamy- smooth classic pork based tonkatsu soup from ichiran to experiencing the standing sushi bar where the sushi’s are fresh and made to order….. we’ve done it all!!! Oh yes… remember that Pokémon craze?? Hehehe

We visited an owl cafe along Harajuku!! They were Super cute and tame!!! What an experience 😋


No doubt everybody loves travelling, the best part of it all is definitely food!!! In this 5 years.. I must say I’ve tried many restaurants all around the world! Ezra and I always felt that food and travel goes very well hand in hand.. I mean those are pretty much the two best experiences in life right? 🤔

From fast foods such as In & Out in LA.. Shake shack from NYC… Ichiran from Japan and Pizza’s with tiramisu cake from Germany…. I realised how much of a foodie both of us are!!! 😋 if you catch me on my instastories.. you’d realise I’m always taking snapshots of my meals all over the world! Not to brag… but I would say that Australia has one of the BEST Korean bbq’s I’ve ever had!!! 👍🏻👍🏻

With that being said… in order to fit into our slim fit uniform, we gotta maintain our figure and also a healthy life style. I’d take the time to hit the gym at least twice a week whenever I’m outstation and also plentiful of beauty sleep to recuperate from my flights. The only struggle I’ve got would be jet lags… insomnia is very very real 😭


My ultimate number one travel tip is ALWAYS ALWAYS wear comfortable shoes!! I can’t emphasis this further.

I am NOT a heels kinda girl and I take pride in comfort before anything else. Well, walking is without a doubt, the best and only way to take in a new city. I’ve struggled between comfort and style…. and I realised it’s abt finding the perfect in between. I for one, love wearing sneakers! And with the current trend of white plimsols + cute patchwork’s… this pair has been my current fav!! 👍🏻

Like seriously who says you can’t look cute even with comfortable shoes!!!! 😌

Outfit Tips

Besides footwear, how do we select an outfit that'll be comfortable enough to travel in yet chic enough to keep you from feeling sluggish? The idea of having to sit all prim and proper in a dress just won’t cut it but track pants and oversized sweatshirt comes across as pyjamas no matter how long we look at it too 😹

Choose a Relaxed Top

A soft, light top is what you need to feel comfy and stress-free. That’s where our Xylda Ruffles Babydoll Blouse comes to your rescue. Optimum weekend strolling around farmer markets or cathedral grounds overseas doesn’t get any easier than this.

We love the subtle details like the frills along the neckline and a slight trumpet sleeve for some sleeve drama.

Available in 4 yummy shades – White, Sunshine, Blue and


We have a soft spot for this colour this season as it’s one of the classic autumnal shades. No color beckons in the end of summer and beginning of fall quite like this tone!

It pairs great with Chesnut Brown, Grey and Black and matches well with Denim too! We cant miss out denim whilst on holiday 😎

Oh! The blouse also comes with long sleeves which is perfect for when the airplane gets too cold. No need for an extra cardigan!

Another no-frills piece we have this collection is the Capella Off Shoulder Top available in Sunshine as seen on @sheilamansy and Malt! A pop of colour brightens up your outfit, even when you’re clad in basics like jeans and sliders.

We can’t get enough of offsies and we adore how it flaunts the collarbones and make us look great! A chic seperate in a relaxed shape, the top is loose-fit and not restrictive at all.

Crafted in a soft material, get ready for legit airplane lounging and maximum comfort for a day out and about. Looking cute and feeling cosy hs never been so easy peasy!

Being on the topic where comfort is crucial! Yes I’ve got to agree readily with @hollyhoque! The Xlydia ruffles babydoll top is white is a perfect stylish lazy day top and did I mention how soft and nice the fabric is against your skin?? 😍😍😍

I wore it out to run my errands! Paired it with a denim cutoffs and added my Celine bag for a pop of colour to the outfit! #ootd I love the simplicity and the flow of this blouse… there were enough fabric ard the sleeves to create a willowy effect!

I love basics like these… gives me so much option to pair 👍🏻 holly hoque offers it in quite an array of colours and I had sucha difficult time picking!!! I was so torn between the green and white… looking at their model pic got me gg all 😍😍😍😍😍 again! The white is not sheer at all btw 😌

Versatility is the key to my wardrobe staples. Whenever I’m shopping, I always weigh out “ life span” of the clothing and how it’ll make a difference in my wardrobe! Most importantly, they need to work out with different outfits… be it jeans/blazer/skirt/pants.

I decided to wear it with a pair of overalls to spice up the look! This outfit was inspired by New York City where I seen some girls seriously rocking their overalls in a fun way. I paired it with short overall with my hair tied up as well a funky burger bag from Betsey Johnson to keep the outfit fun & light!

Trusty blue sneakers from superga 💓💓💓 with summer all year round in Singapore, take the opportunity to mix em’ up!!

My second outfit from @hollyhoque was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! 😍 it’s non other than the Bethia dress which is an upcoming piece this Sunday!!! 🙈 I’m happy to get first dibs!!!!!

I chose the dusty pink for this dress since the colour really stood out to me in the modelled pics! Pink is back guys! It’s a pink that encompasses barely there dusty rose, faded peach, muted apricot, dull salmon and known collectively as “millennial pink” and it’s EVERYWHERE!!! It became one of my wardrobe staple colour!

Versatility at its best! I can picture myself in this outfit in Paris’s summer. It’s of a perfect lightweight fabric and I love how again, it can be paired with sneakers!

I was afraid to look too washed out in this rose pink initially. But my worries were all dumbfounded, yes it works very well on all skin colours! And we asians can also rock this colour really well!!

Probably my next closest to my LBD ❤️

Street chic, this is girly dress that everyone should have in their wardrobe! A knee grazing piece in muted tones so it’ll work well wherever we are in the world, you can make this piece truly your very own style. Watch up next!

Got this combination off Pinterest and wow! Adds a whole new look to the Bethia layering dress! 😍

After my solemnization ceremony… Ezra and I had a couple of mini-moons before we were officially back to work. The clear waters of Maldives as well as the smell of the sand still lingers in me. I’m suffering from post wedding blues guys 🙈

With Maldives in mind, i effortlessly pieced this light denim jacket and a straw floppy hat for this look! Resort friendly yet stylish all at once. The frilly hemlines really made a statement for this dress!!!

I also must add that it makes a very air travel friendly outfit! 👍🏻 I’m so tired of having my jeans or shorts buckle getting “BEEPED” at the security screening. Now with a dress, everything changes! versatility is the way to go!!

SO guys, which is the favourite look you had amongst all? 🤗


We love how Leanne paired both the Xylda Top and Bethia Dress differently!

The idea of pairing overalls definitely did not strike across our minds. It brings on an effortlessly charming touch to the outfit and the final look is casual yet stylish.

We also adore how the Bethia Dress transformed from a chilly-weather outfit to a resort-vibes kinda look by switching it up with a denim outer and a straw hat!

Which brings us to our next point –

Wear Layers

Layers are great for traveling, as they can be added or removed depending on the temperature of the plane, restaurant or whereever you are throughout the day!

Up your layering game with our Bethia Layering Dress. Choose to layer underneath with a sleeveless turtleneck or sleeved ribbed knit or throw an outer over for extra warmth!

It is perfect for sunny Singapore as it can be worn on its own too. Sashay around and watch as the sweet frills at hem move along.

Another 💕 PINK 💕 and layer slayer look we have in this collection is the Dreamy Lace Dress. It’s also available in Navy and Black if feminine shades aren’t up your alley.

This piece actually features a faux double layer so it looks like you’re wearing multiple pieces when it’s just a simple single dress!

Lace is a must-have in our wardrobe and the lace sleeves add a romantic finish to the look.

It’s great when you’ve made fancy dinner plans on your travels ‘cos it looks at home as you’re out and about on the streets and across your dinner date basking in the candlelight too!

Accessorize It Up

Keep the accessories interesting by adding a printed scarf or fun handbag to your outfit! Layer a few necklaces or add some ear candies. You could also add a printed headband or oversized sunglasses.

Pay attention to your accessory game to jazz up your comfy basics. A pair of dangly beauties like these amps up the holiday factor!

A little gold won’t hurt anyone

Available at the Hollyhoque store!

Like Leanne, up your shoe game to not only bring on the comfy but also the cool. We love the patchworks on her white sneaks and we’ve a pair of our own to share!

Wearing our Mollie Leather Flats in Tan and White feels like walking on clouds and it’s a perfect match with ALL outfits.

If you haven’t joined our Backorders, you need to! It’s our second time opening Backorders for them which proves how popular they are 👌🏻

Looking good doesn’t just apply to having your outfit down pat! Let’s see what @leannelow has to share in terms of keeping your skin on point ✨


I’d say I’ve got quite a lot of curious girls out there wondering how I maintain my complexion despite putting my skin through harsh weathers and dry cabin air. Taking a lot of effort to research on the latest or best skin care products would probably be my latest videos I’m following on YouTube! I love the beautybreakdown channel since I gravitate towards Korean skincare. Besides so, #dayrebeauty #dayrebrides has given me a lot of insights of reviews as well

My secret would be :

1. Choosing the right products
I always check on the weather and climate of my next destination before packing! Example being, for a warmer climate like singapore… I would bring a light weight moisturiser. With that being said, to avoid getting dry patches and flakey skin, I opt for a heavier and richer moisturiser.

The list of moisturisers I own is pretty big, so I’d share with you my go to’s! Dr jart+ works really well on my skin especially in humid climates like sunny singapore! I exceptionally love how lightweight it is and dries up so quickly before I put on my makeup.

My skin is more reactive towards Korean skincare/organic Brand’s. I would always advice to reassess your skin every couple of months as it changes according to your hormones and well, weather!

2. Preparing a backup plan
And yes, that means if your skin is breaking out due to the polluted atmosphere in China or cause your period is here 😪

On one of my trips to South Africa, I remembered how badly my skin broke out 😫 still unsure of the reason, I quickly stopped my usual skin care regime and headed down to the nearest drugstore to purchase Cetaphil. This brand needs no introduction! Great for sensitive skin, I removed all makeup and cleansed my face throughly. It’s great for girls whom has sensitive but acne prone skin! After using it a week, I realised how much my skin improved. However the bottle is pretty bulky 😒 gotta repack!

So after cleansing my face with the cetaphil wash, I dug out one of my old but gold beauty product… the body shop tea tree oil! How can I forget this baby! It helped me get through my pimply teen years 👍🏻 I dabbed this minty feeling oil on my blemishes and I saw a huge difference overnight! It’s travel friendly and a little product really goes a very Long way 🤗

3. Mid flight refresh
I never fail to carry a bottle of skin refresher onboard on all my flights! Imagine how dehydrated your skin can be due to recycled air onboard at 35,000 ft.

Recently, I decided to splurge a little on sk2’s mid day Essence spray after reading countless of great reviews! Claiming to deliver on the go hydration, I notice how full and hydrated my face looks after using this for a week. I like how the fine particles of the spritz is able to penetrate through my makeup without ruining it… apart from feeling extra refreshed, I notice that my complexion is still very radiant after flight!

4. Sunscreen

YES THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THEM ALL! Do you know you can get sunburnt even on the plane? Yes ladies, so please bring down your window shades and put on your much needed sunscreen even when you’re on the plane! I always slap on a good amount before putting on my makeup… I however, do not have the habit to reapply onboard cause it makes my makeup Super icky and face mad oily. Any sunscreen brand is good for this! As Long as you have it on 😉

Wonder why all the flight attendants look so fresh onboard despite a 10hour flight?

It is very important to cleanse and moisturise your face before putting on any makeup. Without prepping your skin effectively, you could suffer from clogged pores and worst of all break outs!! I realised how much of a difference it made with proper cleansing to maintain a flawless, radiant skin with my makeup on point! 🤗


Wow this post is pretty lengthy but I had such a great time sharing this day with @hollyhoque and all our fellow readers! ❤️

This pretty much rounds up everything and hope everyone had a better insight of life as a cabin crew! 💓 I would say that I enjoy the perks of my job and through this job, I take a lot of pride in grooming myself! I mean who doesn’t want to be well paid while travelling?? The life style is amazing and I made friendships for life with my Husband through this job😝

Signing off this post with a pic I just received from my PG! ❤️

Have a wonderful weekend ya’ll! 🎉✈️

Yeaaaaah thank you Leanne for sharing how you maintain your skin complexion and tips for us!

Plus another big thank you for co-Dayreing with Hollyhoque today with your limited free time 💕

11:11 11/11

Before we go, remember to shop our 11/11 exclusives under our Sale tab on our website. Sale ends tomorrow but everything’s selling fast! Your one and only chance left 🔥

With love,

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