It’s been a pretty hectic weekend for me with back to back flights, Weddings, My own wedding to worry abt and yada yada. 😒 I’m half alive from all this and am really suffering the effects of lack of sleep 😫 I’ve been experiencing major headaches and body aches 😰 hopefully I’m not gonna fall too sick.

I’ve never really been a fan of caps but this is 😍😍😍 at first sight! Love the adjustable plaid bows at the back to add a twist to the entire look. Haha first solo wearing out, but I only wore it on the Uber ride from my husband’s place to mine before taking it off 😂 commitment issues

11/11 weekend

Attended his counsin’s wedding over at Grand Hyatt. I was kinda excited since I’ve heard so much abt their ballrooms and food!

So the wedding was held in the gallery if I’m not wrong… though there was 3 weddings going on, I liked the concept whereby the ballrooms were in different levels and there is a private reception just for your guests.

#ootd from the Editors market! Didn’t have a pic of the back but it’s open back.

I didn’t manage to stay throughout the luncheon since I was rushing for a flight that very evening. I would say the venue is very cosy and well filled up with 25 tables.. not sure what’s their max but I Guess the other bigger ballrooms are able to hold more. The aisle however, is so short! 😮 and not much of a “wow” effect as I entered the ballroom. I think it’s gotta do with the Low ceilings.

We rushed off after only the 3rd course since I wanted to drink the soup hahahah. Food portion is rather small…. and now I understand the hype of individual plating. I noted to Husband Sim that if our food portion is gonna be this small, we should do individual plating for the guests so that the dish wouldn’t look too bare.

Wah I really don’t know how the couple manage to plan their tea ceremony and solemnization + banquet altogether in the same afternoon!!! Everything was Super chop chop since time is of Essence here.

Initially, I was rather annoyed that we had to do our banquet and solemnization separately due to costs and double planning. But yea, we reflected back that night and both Husband Sim and I really enjoyed ourselves. That’s what’s most important! Though it was a little more tedious in putting our solemnization plans to action within 2 months, Husband Sim claims i secretly love doing it ( haha, maybe? 😝) It has been slightly over a month! But the entire celebration still runs through my mind 🤗🤗

It’s to each his own with regards to doing it separately or not. Before having our dates calculated and all, we were damn adamant to have it on the same day. We felt that having the banquet later would diminish the effect of “ getting married” since we are alr married. Lol but oh looky now! Haha we are doing the exact opposite. 😂 however no regrets though!! I told Husband Sim that at least I get to walk down the aisle twice! Hahahaha

This morning we had a Long Long longggggg talk abt our wedding expenses, budgets and just $$ related to the wedding in general. I know Husband Sim spoils me with whatever I want and is doing his best to fulfil my dream wedding plans. We never really calculated out a Budget for the entire wedding. I’d recce ard to get quotations and we’ll discuss together before signing with vendors whom left an impression + reasonably priced.

Really dk if we’re doing it correctly but yea. 🙂 every couple is different such way. #dayrebrides

Came across this on Instagram by mirage flowers whom is Fullerton’s official floristry! WOWZZZ 😍😍😍😍😍😍 really love the colours and feel.

Not bad right? Really considering a HUGE vip table right now since it’ll make a statement except….. I won’t have space for a dance floor 🤔

Crediting all the pics to mirage flowers ig


I struggle a lot with managing expectations. And what more, my once in a life time 😐 yea, sometimes I need to take a step back to check on myself. To me, the priority of this wedding is to make sure both of us are happy. Not trying to impress my parents, relatives and whoever, but it’s OUR DAY that we’ve emotionally invested in.

Nevertheless, everyone is telling me to enjoy my time during my wedding plan. Though time consuming and financially draining, it’s all about how you look at it and embrace the decisions you made as a couple. I’m taking the next couple of months to soak in all the glow I can before diving into all the minor details!

To other #dayrebrides who feel the same as I do, don’t despair. Easy to say, but the details of your wedding will not define your future. We just gotta focus less on the day, and more on what it’s about! 😉

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