Amsterdam part 2 ✈️

Decided to venture around Amsterdam this afternoon and also get some shopping done! Love love love how our current crew hotel Marriott is right smack in town!! We moved to another hotel ( forgot what it is called) that was like 20mins away from the walking street for a period of time since Marriott was under renovation. Glad to be back! 👍🏻

It was a very gloomy day……….. or is it just like that cause it’s winter?? I was damn shock when I saw like so few people on the street. Hahahah, realised I haven’t reached the “peak area” of the shopping street yet!

LOL the shopping street was bustling. I managed to get some shopping done!!! Talking abt shopping, i loveeeee shopping in f21 overseas. Somehow the selection is better? Idk the price wise as compared to sg, but sg’s f21 is getting more and more pathetic since the outlet at ion closed down 😭

Contemplating between the Zara kid’s jacket which cost 26 euros. IT WAS DAMN CHEAP??? But ughhhhh….. I felt it was not poofy and baggy enough. Haha I was wearing kids 13-14yr old! 🤦🏻‍♀️

This is the woman’s one! XS but this is wayyy too big? 79 euros. ☹️ was telling Husband Sim how the price should be based on the sizing of clothes. Like size XL would require more fabric so it make sense to pay more???

Well anyway, I caved in and got this instead cause it’s a dark navy ( smthg I don’t alr have) and I really need winter jackets since I gave away most of mine.

I bought quite a few basics as well as accessories from f21!!! Recently I’m into rose gold necklaces/chokers and 😍😍😍 spotted so many in f21 for cheap!


Kids shoes which are 😍😍😍😍😍😍 look at those timberlands!!!!!!!!!

Husband Sim said he’s a sucker for sneakers and would get plenty for our kid in future! Hahaha honestly, who can resist?? 🙈

Amsterdam why you glooomy!! The cobbled streets and canals at every other corner makes this city so quaint and pretty.

Yea so right after so, it started pouring so heavily. The wind + rain gave me such a headache that all I wanted to do was scuttle back to my room. The most embarrassing part was I tripped over idk what and fell on the road 🤣 4 strangers came to my rescue! I think I yelp too loudly when I tripped…… bahahhahaha

Due to the stupid rain I didn’t manage to stop and get my food. So here I am, in my room right now steaming my lo mai Kai and char siew pau! Damn comforting to eat pau when it’s freezing cold…. kudos to Husband Sim! 👍🏻

Catching up on “ friends” while eating my pau and waiting for my lo mai kai to be ready. I love this freaking cook pot. Ezra bought it for his cph trip and now I want one myself too!!!! I can literally bring this around the world to eat all the freaking paus I want!!!!

Random enough, I received this photo from Rebecca 😅😅😅 she’s too cute la! She screenshot my Instagram pics and made it into a collage 😂😂😂😂😂 a lot of effort ok! Sent it to Ezra and he went like “ MY FACE IS THERE!!!!” Hahahahaha too bad, she’s posting it up on her ig. #dayrebeauty

Upside down kinda happy! Looking forward to go back to Ezra’s arms tmr!!!! 💓💓💓💓

#dayretravels #dayrefatties

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