Woke up bright and early this morning! Feeling all excited cause it’s Black Friday????? And of course dating time with the Husband Sim! 💑

Whoohoo! So I had a whole list of WANTS vs NEEDS on my Black Friday shopping list. Was camping online on Sephora sg app last night and stupid me, Idk which freaky card is Sephora’s sg or Sephora’s states. So I was fumbling all over the place.. finally found the card and GUESS WHAT. I have no clue which email add I use. 😫😭 Husband Sim told me to just get whatever I wanted and sign out as a guest. But NOOOOO!! I don’t get my points. 😰😫☹️

Have been lusting over this Natasha Denona brush set for the longest time. First saw it in NYC Sephora middle of this year but NO STOCK 😫 only the tester kit! The brushes are mad soft and it’ll make a good replacement for my MAC brushes which I’m losing one by one. Dk where the hell it goes. Now Sephora sg website has it!!! 15% off now so 👍🏻

Ohhh and the Becca soft blurring powder. Hoping to replace my Laura Mercier ones cause i find that the powder is a little drying esp when I use it over my concealer.

Managed to score the Becca powder at Tampines 1 today! But didn’t see the Natasha Denona in sight 😪 still very tempting to buy it online right now before I regret ☹️

Had a very healthy lunch this afternoon! Teochew porridge is my favourite!!!!!! But it’s Super ex though, $17 for these few dishes. I think it’s gotta do with the fish la 🤔


Hahahahahahahaha I was mad excited when I went into Uniqlo. Was combing the entire place and found the stuff animals in a carton right smack at the counter. Initially I was wondering how to convince the Husband to let me bag it home since he keeps complaining on how I’ve got so many stuff toys. How it’s occupying 1/2 the bed space. How it collects dust and I neglect it after awhile 😂

this happy Husband got more excited than me when he saw it. And even contemplated to get two?!!! LOL ALL MY WORRIES.. for nth 😅

Hehe very happy Wife indeed!

Very random, but EVERYONE… this is the best shit ever. I swear. Not even kidding. Got mine in ntuc! Regret not buying more…. Finished almost 1 tin 😄

Okay, all in all, I think I really controlled myself very well this #blackfriday sales. I’ve got so many emails reminding me of this 24 hr sale ongoing in almost every store and the temptation is real. I limit myself to 1 makeup item per month and hopefully 4 apparels as well. I’m doing very very well considering I’ve not had any states flights so I don’t see Sephora but apparel wise, lol. I’m on the verge. 😂

Today’s #ootd from @/shopjenith! #dayrebeauty have fun shopping everyone!!! 👻👻👻👻👻

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