❤️ back on track!

TOP by @/Shopjenith 💖

Long overdue post of my #ootd since I’ve been busy this past week. Wheeeew, weekend flew by so quickly cause of the back to back appts I had!

Good for idkwhattowear days hahaha! I just pulled this over and scrunched my hair up to a pony tail! Bag by @/thesophialabel

I’ve so many pretty pieces in store from @/Shopjenith! Haha I received like 4 pieces from them and everything fitted me so well!!! Super rare cause I find online shops sizes doesn’t really suit my body shape. I’ve got a Long torso but short limbs 😫 woes. So finding dresses esp mini ones can be a Super pain in the ass. Anyone feels me??

Husband Sim was sucha sweetheart! Initially I only wanted a pair of earrings for my upcoming wedding shoots. We popped by over to Choo Yi Lin @ mandarin gallery!

I bagged home a bunch of accessories worth 2k 😅 all the pieces were so intricate and beautiful! I wanted a matching set immd after the salesgirl showed us a couple of items.

The earrings was love at first sight 😍 even Husband Sim was immd sold by it after we took a closer look. Very very dainty! I shared it on my instastories on how it looked like when worn.

The necklace is a brand new piece, released abt 2 weeks ago? Was torn between this or the donut jade. The donut necklace was more sparkly with the ornaments! But this piece “shows” more details of the ornaments and jade.

The ring was a no brainer. I love love love the colour of the jade even though it didn’t match my other pieces. It’s slightly more towards the brownish side with hues of green! I wore them all together and everything blends so nicely. Mum in law told me to be careful though cause jade is very fragile… and cause it’s worn on the finger, there’s a tendency to knock against something and break!


Earring when worn! 😍

There isn’t any occasion for this gift and it’s definitely not my si Dian Jin but my Husband decided to pamper me this once since I’ve been a little down recently. So sweet of him, what did I do to deserve such a man?!

Oh mandarin gallery is having a $30 disc promo now.. I don’t know the minimum spending but we snagged a $60 disc from Choo Yi Lin!

Payment has to be made by only MasterCard though! #dayrebrides

Today we headed down to #zwedding to pick up a gown for my pre wedding shoot in jan! OMG!! I’m so in love with the store. I truly felt like a bride all over again as I don their dresses. Can’t wait to share more on that over my next Dayre post! Husband Sim was such a darling to sit there patiently and help me take photos for all the gowns. Hahahaha he was kinda bored… the poor man waited 2hrs ++ for me 😅

Heh a little sneak of their store front! I love the high ceilings and the full glass windows! When I reached the store.. I was like WOWW!!! 😍 they just moved over from Tanjong Pagar to Tras street! #zwedding

Lol I was like a little princess prancing ard the store.. ogling at all the amazing gowns! Their in house designer is 👍🏻 no wonder they’re the leading bridal shop in sg!!

I posted a couple of photos over on IG as well as IG stories and all the DMS I got, had nothing but wonderful things for all the gowns I tried! Thankq readers for being so supportive 💓

Haha okay I promise to reveal more on my next Dayre post regarding my fitting experience!

Got a couple of makeup items from the recent Black Friday sale! FINALLY got the ofra highlighter after debating. Read abt the skindivania setting spray online and there were mixed reviews…. however I still decided to give it a go since my MAC setting spray is running out.

Got the morphe palette in copper spice! I must say this was an impulse buy… 😅😅😅 but I can never say no to warm shimmery shades!! Plus it’s on sale la. So I deserve this 😬 #dayrebeauty


Before I begin, I must emphasis how much I always wanted this morphe 350 nature glow palette. I wanted it so badly and it was OOS everywhere…… I’ve been watching so many tutorials for this baby and this made me want the palette even more! I got mine from @qolourette ! I think she’s selling it for $40++ and even without this Black Friday sale I’m still very willing to pay full price.

I’m so afraid to even do finger swatches since it’s still brand new and untouched. Prolly will stare at it longer before I use it 🤦🏻‍♀️😄

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