Z WEDDING gown fitting experience 💓


Can’t believe how this entire year just flew by so fast! Met also my new year resolutions though 💓

1. Getting proposed to by Mr Sim
2. Got married ( lol this one was quite a surprise!)
3. Having to couple code with Husband Sim in jan 2018

Wowwww, like there were so many happenings this year and I’m so grateful for everyone whom have been so supportive thus far! I made great progressions with Ezra and I’m looking forward to our banquet next year Dec 2018! 👰🏻🤵🏻

As promised, I’m back to share my experience with you guys on z wedding. I am very honoured that Alene approached me 1 month ago, to head down to the Z Wedding store at tras street to pick a gown for my outdoor shoot in New Zealand in jan 2018! Like woowwwww, I’ve heard so much of this prestigious bridal studio and have walked pass their booth in BOWS 2017 – I noticed how crowded their booths were!

Z Wedding has moved to tras street which is still within the Tanjong Pagar area. Their store is massive!! And the high ceilings + display gowns don by the mannequins are 😍

Lol this is the grand entrance I’m referring to! 👍🏻 the bridal store is open concept so you’ll be able to view the entire place when you walk in!

Our coordinator Samuel, came over to greet us before we started to explore the place. When I entered the store, the first thing that caught my eyes were the makeup tables! #goals

To the right, I was greeted by a large array of gowns! LIKE WOW……… total wow effect going on here cause there were so many beautiful gowns!!

After visiting many bridal studios, I realised the issue of finding an evening gown. Like yes, white gowns are not a problem. But evening gown? I’ve don on so so many and some can come across making me feel very old and Aunty. Idk if anyone feels me…. haha but I think cause the variety is wider in terms of colour and cut, it is very difficult to find the PERFECT evening gown to walk down the aisle to….🤔🤔🤔

Here, at Z wedding however, I did not feel that way at all. They had a lot of evening gowns and according to Samuel, z wedding specialises in evening gowns! 👍🏻 I was like yay!!! Cause I am looking for a coloured gown for my pre wedding shoot! I purchased a couple of gowns from all over the world and alr have 4 gowns for my shoot… 2 which are white and 2 navy. Kinda looking something different in store!

Heh, before I continue… here’s some evidence of their wide range of gowns! I kid you not okay!! 🤗

Literally felt like “the princess” of the day as I explored all the gowns!! They’ve got so many pretty white gowns but 😫😫🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ why did I purchase my own!!

I was so pleased that day. Honestly, I love trying on gowns and feeling pretty 🙋🏻 hahahah and since I can only be a bride once, I feel that I should spare no expense! Within my means of course 😄

The racks of gowns were endless btw. Hahahaha if I had to choose a white gown, I’m pretty sure I’ll need more than 1 fitting to choose THE ONE. 🙈

After getting all excited, I sat down with Samuel to discuss exactly what I’m looking for. I mentioned to him key points like :

1. I’m bringing it overseas to New Zealand and would need the gown for 15 days
2. It’s an outdoor shoot
3. I’m looking for a coloured gown in bolder colours. Eg, red, black. No navy since I have 2 at home alr. And no pastels cause it wouldn’t look good in photos.
4. Looking for something more form fitting like a mermaid but I’m open to options
5. Has to have a train

He grasp hold of my expectations pretty quickly and took my measurements straight after. He told me to wait a while before he came back with a couple of gowns which would suit my style. Whoohoo! The wait was worth while… ( btw this post is gonna be pretty Long guys + image heavy! 😅)

He showed me to the changing room and 🙈🙈🙈 omg!! He gave me the room right in the middle of the store!! Hahahaha initially I felt so embarrassed as there were other customers!! Lol. But I managed to get pass it! This photo was taken by Husband Sim from where he sat. He had the perfect view to help me choose THE dress!

Tip’s I’d recommend when visiting bridal studios 👰🏻

– wear a slip on dress to change in and out easily! I donned a black body con dress so that my measurements can be taken accurately.
– bring your wedding heels! Or any heels to see how you’d look. Adding another 5” to gown can make a difference!
– nubra. I didn’t bring mine so practically went braless for the gowns 😬
– do not bring a big entourage when choosing your gown. Too many opinions would hinder your decision. After all, you’re the bride and it’s YOUR dress!

Moving on to my gown fitting with z wedding

This is the first dress I tried. Husband Sim really really liked this piece a lot!!! And of course I loved it!!! I know how some ppl says it’s “pantang”’to wear black gowns… however it was only for the shoot and i will never ever get to wear another black gown. I absolutely love the mesh semi see thru corset front and the lace all over gave an elegant look! 😍😍😍😍😍

Okay a little bit of underboob 🙈 but you get the drift right! The embellishments were 😍

Forgot to mention that I was more inclined towards a mermaid cut cause my other gowns are ballroom styles. Wanted something different and yet able to stand out on photos!

The train wasn’t up to my expectations though… As New Zealand is very scenic and most photos would be taken from afar, i don’t want the scenery to “take over” my Husband and I. Hence the reason for a big gown with a Long train!

Simple at its best, Samuel told me I can have two looks with this with an additional bodice. It’s different! A good different 👍🏻

How it looks like from the sides. Husband Sim preferred it without the outer piece but on the other hand, I found it quite cool as the gown is able to give 2 diff vibes!

I liked this piece so much that I tried it twice! Hahah once being the first gown I tried at Z wedding. And second time after to decide if this was the one. I’m too fickle minded and honestly, the more gowns I tried.. the more confused I felt hahaha 😂

The following gown I tried was this deep maroon coloured one. It’s not too mermaid in style as compared to the previous black one. The gown is very flowy and soft to touch though! Btw #excusetheexpressions… haha my husband just kept snapping pics with no warnings 😬

Colour of the gown is true to this pic

It’s very easy to walk ard in this! Not too tight on the hips as well cause I’ve got to take in consideration that there will be long car rides to get to diff places in New Zealand for the shoot.

Full view of the gown! Not a big fan of the colour though.. if it was in another colour I might consider!

Details of the maroon gown

Hmm, I felt kinda fat in it. The gather on the gown kinda emphasises my tummy 🙈 I don’t know if I’m being conscious.. hahaha but I think I’d need to be Super thin to pull this off.

Saying no the red gown, Samuel picked a navy coloured A line gown which is sparkly 😍 Though this gown is not form fitting, Samuel encouraged me to try this piece because no harm right? And at least i can say I’ve tried but didn’t like it.

Actually it’s really not bad la… I like the flutter sleeves which kinda gave a vape effect! And the gown is pretty modern looking as it came with a thin belt around the waist. Still very figure flattering!

Hahaha I like it cause it covered my arms. Omgosh, you’ve got no idea how conscious I am of them!!!

And the bare back 😍😍😍 I love gowns that shows off the back! Very sexy yet subtle! Though this is a gown, I felt like it’s more suited for a gala dinner or evening wear ( I mean like minus the train of course). Too “casual” for me in that way!

I moved on back to another black gown again which Samuel picked! The gown is Super loose on me btw… he pinned it back down my spine to let me have a better feel of this gown.

It’s a mermaid cut which is 👌🏻 I liked this piece… but didn’t exactly LOVE it. I still preferred the first one I tried if I have to compare!

Haha check out the amount of clips Samuel did! I liked the details of the dress… but since most of my photos would be from a far angle (think drone shots), I don’t think it’ll make any difference on print.

🙈🙈🙈 MY ARMS 🙈🙈🙈

I must admit the colour black is very figure flattering ☝🏻 the satin train also complimented the beadings + lace very nicely! Okay la, this gown is really not too bad… I wouldn’t mind using it for an indoor studio shoot!

Moving on, Samuel picked a cobalt blue gown which is WOWZ, very very different. The least favourite of all that I’ve tried cause I felt that there were too many things gg on 😅 Husband Sim’s face was like 😧😳😧😳 when I came out of the changing room!! HAHAHAAHAHAA we had a good laugh before examining all the details.

My opinion to wedding gowns would be try as many.. and as different pieces to what you like/want! I never knew that the mermaid cut would turn out so flattering on my body shape since I’ve got such a Long torso. Husband Sim on the other hand, never even heard of mermaid gowns till I tried my very first piece. Hahahaha he thinks all gowns are suppose to be big and poofy (eg, ballgowns) so cute la he! I must say he has seen me try on so many gowns that he knows what’s best!

Embracing the different-from-what-I’m-looking-for, I’d say that I like the colour of the dress and it might have been ideal for my shoot should it be details gg on everywhere. I honestly didn’t know where to look first when I stared at the mirror. I would say.. do away with the tulle for the inner piece? 🙄

Focusing just on the top half of the dress, it’s actually very nice. The belt gave an extra zest to the gown!! And the peplum outer layer makes the gown more modern and edgy.

Didn’t pick this piece btw. Lol, I can’t deal with this big different look! Hahaha told Samuel to tone down on the drama of the gown and wanted something more wearable in that sense. I just can’t pull this gown off! Need to be taller and slimmer probably😫😫😫😫

Okay gonna continue this post when I’m up later tmr! As for now, #dayrebrides I’m gonna concuss 😅 have been awake for nearly 20hours!

Just to share, Z wedding is having a bridal beauty workshop over this weekend! 2-3december. Complimentary for all, it’ll be great for #btb to head down and learn more abt gown fittings, bridal makeup, skincare etc. I’ve heard abt how informative their workshops are, so definitely not a waste of your time. Free then do drop by k?

Whoohoo! Okay I’m up to continue my post while Husband Sim is snoozing away… poor man is very shag from his Sydney flight. Think he worked too hard la 😞 btw I think being a cabin crew is seriously a good form of exercise! We are not gym freaks and do not go to one unless we really really need to….. talk abt lazy, but imagine doing squats in the cabin while you serve trays! OR changing of meals which requires strength to carry an oven rack OR carrying the newspapers to the trolley?? LOL

I told Husband Sim how setting up the newspaper trolley is the bane of my life. Besides the endless amount of papers ( esp morning flights), my hands get Super black from them. Also walking up and down the cabin made a difference…. yes the aircraft may seem small and the aisles really aren’t that Long but imagine flights like London where the call lights and orders are endless…. up and down the cabin we go, that would equate to walking to London for 13 hrs ok! ☝🏻😬

Not complaining since I take it as a form of workout but i realise I can actually loose weight from work. Guess my job help me tremendously to lose weight and keep fit for my wedding! So Glad for that since I really snack so much.

Took a snapshot of this gown before coming out of the changing room. The red is very striking for this piece! It’s very simple but I LOVE IT? It was a mad debate with my Husband if I should have chosen this piece

Btw I’m using Kent Yu photog for my New Zealand shoot. I went thru his pictures the night before to narrow down the colour choice and red was one of my top options!

Close up of the embellishment of the bustier. The gown is slightly sparkly, can’t really be seen in pics somehow

Isn’t it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍?????

I felt so much like a bride in this piece! And can really imagine myself wearing this for my actual day.

The train ✔️
The colour ✔️
The mermaid cut ✔️

The back view ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️


Only issue would be that the gown is very heavy and not easy to walk in cause of the bigger train. Well, I’m not complaining yet but Husband Sim reminded me how we’d need to trek a little with the gowns to reach certain areas for the shoot. I told him it’s his job to carry the train while I hold up the front to get to point to point! LOL

I posted a couple of photos over @ instastories on my Instagram and received so many lovely comments for this gown!!!

Husband Sim couldn’t get pass the striking red gown and kept reminding me how much I really liked the first black piece 🤔 he kept saying “ it’s damn red” “all I see is red” “the red omg very ching chong” LOL. Samuel explained to us how the red would very much stand out in the pics and that it would be a great fit for my shoot!

After a Long and serious debate with Husband Sim over this gown….. Samuel pulled out another gown to give me more options. The next gown is very special I must say! Wasn’t love at first sight when I saw it hung up but……..


This gown is a trumpet cut for the inner piece. Samuel told me to try it on with a small crinoline to make the flare part fuller! It came with many layers of tulle in various textures as well as colours! Love the mismatched tones and actually after donning the gown I was like.. “ THIS IS IT!”

Slightly more “daring” than what I’d normally pick, this gown fit me like a dream!! This is the view from the left

And view from the right! Lol excuse my face.

The back view!

I loved how everything flowed down so nicely and this is a very pretty gown!!!!! 😍😍

Remember how I mentioned the more gowns I tried the more confused I was??? Hahahaha #zwedding really had that many gowns for me to try on before I went 😮

I sent my mum a couple of pics from the gowns I’ve narrowed down to and her TOP pick was this piece! After all, she’s my mummy and her opinions also matters a lot to me.

A fellow reader on ig DM-Ed me and gave me some useful advice.

She also did a shoot in nz for her pre wedding and honestly the small details of the gown would not matter. She mentioned how brighter coloured gowns would make a better choice against the scenery.

Im so grateful that she shared this with me! 💓

A clearer picture of the gown. I had to make a decision that day and after trying on so many pretty gowns… my heart leaned more towards this piece 😍☝🏻

I felt very grand in it! And would say this gown is very edgy and modern. I won’t be able to find this piece anywhere else. I discussed with Husband Sim again and we both agreed that I can only wear this black gown for my shoot and never down the aisle. So what better option to do so now?

The debate for THE GOWN…. 👰🏻

Hahahahaha I cannot believe I can do up such a lengthy post just by choosing ONE gown for my wedding shoot. Imagine my actual day?? I would need like so many fittings to make a decision 🤣

This was my face when Husband Sim started fooling ard. He was more inclined to this black piece. While I preferred the trumpet gown with textures!

The battle between this black gown as mentioned

And this textured trumpet gown!

I posted this up on ig stories as well and both gowns had an ALMOST equal amount of 👍🏻! Hahaha

Husband Sim liked them both but said that after seeing me wear so many different gowns, he felt that the last one really stood out from the rest. Samuel was also being so helpful in the process as he advise my Husband on the different colour suits he can consider in order to match my gown. Of course the trumpet piece, due to the diff colours, is able to match more of his suits!

Samuel left us to give us time to ponder abt the gowns before making a decision. I liked how he gave us the space and didn’t pressure us into any decision makings.. so sweet of him right! And whenever I felt unsure, he would give me advices weighing the pros and cons. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 thumbs up for his awesome service!

We came to a agreement on this gown!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hahahahaha I think it didn’t take us that Long but Husband Sim and I factored him many of the details of the shoot before agreeing that this would best suit me for the shoot in New Zealand! Samuel told us that our choice is very tasteful as well! He told me to try the gown on again to make sure that the “feeling” was right!

I know I’ve disappoint so many of my fellow readers cause many of you kept mentioning to me how good I look in the black and figure flattering the gown is on me 😪 haha if I had the Budget to get two gowns, I would definitely rent those two ok!

My overall views on Z Wedding

I first came across Z wedding even before I started my whole wedding planning process. Being one of the more reputable bridal studio in Singapore, I’ve done a fair share of research before coming down to the store! They are well known for this unique gowns and have in-house designers for that. Also the pre wedding photography with Chris-Ling whom photography should be no stranger to us #bridetobes!

I’ve visited their booth over at BOWS 2017 this year and although z wedding’s packages may not be the cheapest in the market… I’d say their service and deliverables will make up for it! The selection of gowns are very overwhelming and the patient coordinators would guide you thru them. The process of finding the perfect dream gown may be very tiresome but trust me, over at #zwedding… the day flew by in such a bliss ! ❤️

I exit the bridal studio with such a warm heart knowing that I’m left in very good hands from the people at #zwedding. I can’t wait for my next fitting in December and also my pre wedding shoot with #chrisling next year!

Honestly, my Husband and I paid for almost everything for our wedding thus far and am rather picky with everything. Haha we’re not that chin chai couple! It really takes a lot of effort to WOW the both of us ok…. for now, I’m so Glad that everything is falling into place for the both of us.. thanks to the blessings of not just my family and friends but also my fellow readers whom has been supportive of this journey thus far! 😘

Hope this post is informative for bride to be’s! And do comment or DM me personally if you’ve got any questions regarding z wedding! I would be so happy to help 💓

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