Touched down in Moscow abt 8hours and the JAM is crazy!!! We were stuck in a 3hr slow moving jam throughout since it was snowing on and off. Couldn’t wait to just check into the hotel to take my much needed shower and sleep ☝🏻

Imagine having to do our Stockholm shuttle… the jam would be FAR WORSE since we’re back only in the afternoon 🙃

Btw the snow is abt 2 inch thick as we trudged our luggages from the airport across the carpark to the bus. I felt as though I was shovelling snow with my heavy ass cargo bag. Regretted changing to my sandals because THE SNOW. My skirt and sandals were so wet by the time I sat on the bus 😪#dayretravels

I was extremely bored on one of the nights so I took out my jacket from @yelo.ki and decided to play dress up! Haha I slapped on makeup and I loveeee my new lippie from girlactick! ❤️

Testing out some of my makeup from @Guardian 💁🏻 They’ve sent me a bunch of products ranging from makeup to skincare from Korean cult Brand’s like #medicube & #aprilskin! Guardian @ Jurong point has opened their beauty concept store just abt 2 weeks ago. I’ve seen PR pics of the place and it’s very impressive 😍

Back to the tri coloured hoodie… I wanted to bring it for my Aussie flight to take photos! But 😪, didn’t manage to cause I was so sleep deprived. The past week was pretty hectic 🙃

Spams photos while Husband Sim was busy snoozing away. Haha this is the curtain portion of his room where the ring light stands. Till today, he’s damn proud of his curtains and says how great a backdrop it looks 🤣 haha bo Bian right, no where else to take.

5% disc code for my readers over @yelo.ki Instagram! Believed that my hoodie is only $19.90. Great for sg’s weather cause it’s Super light weight plus oversized 👍🏻

Honeymoon 💑

Side tracking on our honeymoon to nz this coming jan 2018… we’ve FINALLY managed to book all our accommodations. The entire planning process was damn tough cause we don’t have enough days there. Sticking to a strict 10 days trip, we’ve got to incorporate our photoshoot of 2 days followed by cross country sight seeing ✈️

So little time so much things to do… so sadly We’ve got to forgo a couple of places.

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