MOSCOW ✈️ #ezleaxtravels

Our first time as a couple here in Moscow! With the many many clear days we have.. Husband Sim and I decided to go hang ard town even though it was freeezing cold @ -3 degrees ❄️🌨

I am seriously undressed from waist down 😅 only brought my leggings/jeans and converse for this trip. And guys….. CONVERSE IS NOT SAFE FOR SNOW. I slipped and tripped so many times + my legs and feet were so cold

Okay actually I just didn’t bring enough clothes. When I was finding a sweater to wear this morning, I had to dig through my husband’s pile of clothes. I realised I only brought 1 jacket, 1 knitted top, a scarf, beanie, jeans and leggings.Haha! ezra says he don’t understand me 🤣

It was snowing on and off the entire day! Sunrise only at 9am and sets by 4pm. The days are seriously damn short and the sky is just so gloomy all the time. We took a bus down to town! Had to take a photo with the snow, cause it’s my first and prolly last snow trip for 2017.

Hahahaha snow fight! Caught the Husband off guard 🤣 he kept yelling how dirty the snow was… I DONT CARE BABY

Poor man have to deal with my none sense. He is no saint either… right after, he started picking up snow and throwing it on my head 😤

The snow flight lasted for abt 20 mins before we decided to make peace and call it quits ✌🏻🙏🏻 my hair was wet by then!!!

We walked towards the red square and was greeted with pretty architectures! If I’m not wrong, this is the state museum? 🤔

Trying to act cultured but I had no idea what was gg on 🙈

GUM departmental store! So pretty with the lights 😍 and also we’re just in time for the Christmas market. Yay!!! Basically there is a Christmas market in every part of Europe but somehow throughout my 5 yrs of flying… I’ve not been to any. Either the timing was off or no flight to Europe.

There were Christmas trees everywhere!!! Plus they use real trees!

The entrance

Look at how gloomy winter can get 😫😫 Besides the usual food fair, they had a mini carnival gg on as well. Rides range between 3-4sgd

Excited much!! Husband posted on his igstories how excited I was!

Was talking to him halfway abt how much I wanted to take this ride! 🎪

So cold that we were craving for a hot drink! Wanted coffee but the stores only had teas. Idk why but Russians drinks their tea with jam ( yes butter, kaya, jam kinda jam) 😨 It is way to strange a combination so we settled for green tea. Btw the tea was damn weak.. it was as though we ordered a cup of hot water.

My tea but tasted like water 🙃

BBQ sausages!!

I liked how it had the fried onions for topping 😛 actually we just had a heavy breakfast then before heading out 🙄🙄 I blame the cold for making us feel hungry all the time 😬

Look at how icy the floors are! The cobbled pavements + irregular alignments weren’t exactly helping. We decided to head in GUM for warmth but oh looky!! I got excited again cause this time the snow was a little heavier. Hehe ❄️

Posing like how the prev girl whom stood there just for the backdrop 👍🏻😅

GUM is freaking huge! We spent abt an hour in and out the shops… everything was damn expensive la. The new Gucci shoes which is mad chio is like $1,200 SGD 😫

We went inside this atas supermarket. I’m damn impressed with their selections of liquors. The aisle’s were just endless…….

The Russians really love their hard liquor! No wonder I worked like a dog all the way to Moscow

Of course, this is my husband’s forte. He could only window shop the wines since I don’t drink. Haha

Sat down for our proper lunch. HAHA everyone must be thinking what gluttons the both of us are 😂 the duck w cranberry sauce is good!

The mash potatoes were very buttery as well!

Okay gonna turn in now since we gotta be up early!
Shall continue tmr❤️


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