Our couple shoot 👫

We did our couple shoot yesterday!! ❤️ #ezleaxweds

I got my hair curled over @salonvim Bugis by Steve! My trusty hair stylist whom I’ve been using for years…… the last time I coloured my hair was abt 3 months ago and I love the shine and ashy brown colour he did.

The shoot is a collab with a fellow dayrean Husband, @/jameschiamxw ( you can find him on Instagram). I’ve been Super excited abt this shoot cause it’s our first casual couple shoot and it’s in SG. I realised how all my shoots are all around the world and have none in Singapore which got me quite bummed out. Husband Sim says we are out of Budget with regards to photography so yea…. I thought my hopes were dashed. Thanks to the lovely couple who wanted to collaborate with us! ❤️😌

I did my own makeup for the shoot! Wanted something bold and strong so i emphasised most of the makeup on the eyes. #dayrebeauty

Primer: Farsili unicorn tears serum ( I LOVE THIS)
Foundation: LA girl pro HD illuminating foundation
Eyebrows: Benefit foolproof brow powder + Benefit precision my brow pencil
Eyeshadow: Too faced sweet peach palette + Morphe copper spice palette
Blush: Tarte blush bliss palette
Contour : Benefit Hoola
Lips : Clio rouge heel in harvest moon

I really liked the lipstick colour!! Didn’t do a full blown lip. I used a very light hand to put on the lipstick and smudged it out for a softer look.

I think I did quite well considering the day was a mad rush. I spent the entire morning over at my sis in law’s place before heading for lunch and had 20mins to get out of the house for my shoot 😅

Hahaha so many selfies. But this is from my camera so everything looks more airbrushed! 🤣 my curls held up pretty well despite the very erratic weather and perspiration throughout the evening. My hair became abit flat towards the end of the day and I was so desperate to bring it up to a pony tail!!

My floral bouquet from @/whimsicalblooms.sg over at Instagram! I LOVE THE BOUQUET SO MUCH 😍 i practically left the entire styling to her and just mentioned to her the main colours I preferred. She created such a pretty bouquet and I’m was mad impressed!! The bouquet above is at $98 nett when you quote “Leanne” upon ordering. Damn reasonable right!

I know how expensive flowers can be and I was on the verge of giving up cause I didn’t want to spend too much money on flowers for my shoot. However, NO REGRETS GUYS. The bouquet really helped brighten up the photos and made a Super useful prop! #dayrebrides

This is her page on ig!!
Quote “Leanne” to get my bouquet for $98

I’m sure she does other kind of bouquets catering to your preferences. Can give them a shot because out of almost the 8282939 stores I’ve enquired, her pricing is pretty reasonable.

Customised my balloons from @Partyshop.sg over at ig as well

Another very good decision made cause we wanted to try something different! We chose the colours of pink white and gold to match the sunset theme which we intended to shoot. I had abt 30 regular balloons with 1 big and 4 small pink foiled heart shape ballon plus a customised hashtag balloons within a balloon.

Yea it was ALOT of balloons. We had a hard time trying to fit everything in the car after we met James. Poor him, he was squashed at the back seat with all the balloons!! Hahahaha

Heh the colour combination is so pretty!!

We decided on “chasing moments #ezleaxweds”

Ezra and I believe that our relationship is like a story and we are the story tellers. We believe we have the ability to create our own unique future. Chasing moments also means exploring to us. As our relationship evolves over time, we hope to see our love grow in different perspectives. Be it the wedding, new house, a baby.. we would not stop. ❤️

Quote “ Leanne” upon ordering to get 10% off the balloons from @/Partyshop.sg

I was a little ambitious and actually purchased quite a number of outfits 😅😅😅😅😅😅 didn’t have the time to change to any and I stuck with my white dress the entire day cause it looked so pretty on photos!

If anyone is keen, I’m selling this two piece set from @/storeunda. Got it directly from the site in SMALL. Fits a uk8 perfectly. 👍🏻

Measurements as shown in the pic, the dress is OOS in the colour which I purchased.

Willing to let go at $105 with self collection @ Pasir Ris/ fort road or Fortuna hotel. $4 disc!! Hahaha email me leanne_low@hotmail.com

One of the sneaks I got from James!! 😍

I think he deserves and entirely new post just based on my experience with him! Can’t wait for the rest of the photos hehehehe will share more then ok! 🤗

In the mean time, his IG handle is @/jameschiamxw and his rates for photog is very reasonable. Even I got a shock when he told me his rates! Great for brides on a budget ✌🏻

Btw, you can tell from the shoot how flat my hair got by the end of the day 😫 I blame the stupid weather!! Guess my lesson learnt is that, always have your hair up for outdoor shoot.

Our last min boomerang!

We were dead beat by the time we reached home to have dinner. Crashed by 11pm. Photoshoot is definitely a lot of hard work and effort!!

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