All in a week 🌟

Wheeeewwww, it’s Friday alr!! Can’t believe my week flew by so fast. This week was pretty fruitful since I managed to post up all my collabs and am on time 😄✌🏻 hahaha!! Sometimes I really feel damn bad cause I take awhile to get things done…. but my work schedule isn’t working on my side. Thank god most of you are so patient and kind! Really really very thankful for everyone’s understanding 💓

Touched down from Taipei a couple of hours ago, and Changi Airport is mad crowded. I totally forgot that it’s school holiday’s and actually queued 15mins just to scan my passport…. it was literally a sea of people as I was gg down the escalator towards the scanning side. My poor Husband was anxiously waiting for me outside as he was reporting for Nagoya tonight. So sweet right! He wanted to say bye bye to me since he wouldn’t be seeing me for a while… ❤️❤️❤️

Highlights of my week

My Nephew number 2 was born on 6 Dec!! 😍😍😍😍 ezra and I were in Moscow then so we didn’t manage to visit my sis in law at the hospital. But omg!!! He has a head full of hair!

He’s so tiny!! And I had to be extra careful cause I was afraid of squashing his bones lol. Too small and fragile, Husband Sim doesn’t even dare to hold him in his arms. He sleeps covering his ears btw hahahaha. Heard from my bro that he’s a night baby… so the parents and the helper take turns to look after him through the night. Omg……. 😪

Hehe I got another Nephew to play with! Btw both my nephews kinda look VERY VERY similar as babies. They are abt 1 year apart… so my bro actually made a collage of their pics and ask us to guess who is who 🤔

Same same right? Haha both of them have zero brows. 🤣🤣🤣

Glam Ma AKA Motherlings ❤️

Awww, babies are so cute!!

Fooled around with my bro’s camera for a bit. I’ve been contemplating for the longest time to invest in the sony’s A7ii. Ughhh but the camera is just so damn expensive!! Sony is having their yearly sale now… so I gotta think fast.

Pic taken with a Sony A7 by Husband Sim

This week Husband Sim and I also headed down to the Balmain sale by interro @ Ang Mo Kio! We were there during the first day of the sale on 10 Dec. We regretted not getting any during the Taka sale a couple of months back!! 😭 Our initial plan was to just have a look and buy 1 set of sheets for his place.

Impulsive as we got, we bagged home :
3 sets of bed sheets
2 pillows
1 duvet
2 bolsters


Okay la, the sale was quite good! I think the bolsters were gg from $29-$35??? We just bought them.

Pillows were $1 each since we spent more than $700.

Yea, ever since I renovated my room a couple of years back, got a new super single bed which I totally regret. My parents felt that I should downgrade my queen size bed then cause I was flying and wasn’t home all the time. Furthermore I did a freaking huge built in wardrobe…. 😪😪😪

Well it was fine the past few years till I got married. Since our new BTO isn’t ready anytime soon, Ezra and I have been shuttling between both our places. We’re looking to get a bigger bed for my room! So like whatever cheap bed frame will work for now. Just got to do some minor moving in my room….. my sofa got to go 😭

Lol my sofa isn’t for humans to sit. Rather it’s for my gowns and whatnots. Hahahaha my
Room is turning into a warehouse I swear 🤣

Headed down to IKEA that very night and I really liked this bed frame. It’s just a simple platform with drawer storage. Husband Sim says this one is over Budget… $599 for the platform without the mattress 🤔

He insisted this is better since there is a head board but ugh, damn ugly and the bed is so Low. My as well put the mattress on the floor to sleep! $199 so cant complain that much.

Ugh, anyone has got other places to get reasonably priced mattresses?? Or bed frames?? Please help me! 🤗 #dayrehomes

Was waiting for an occasion to wear my @/statementmuse midi dress out!

Hehe think it’s very pretty and gives me the option to accessorise since the dress is plain. Statementmuse gave my readers a disc! Quote “Leanne” to enjoy 15% off their site ( min two items)

Today’s #ootd by @/osmosestore! I spent over two weeks trying to get the perfect shot for this dress! Hahaha it’s so pretty!! And I wanted to just get it right.

Gg for more of a resort preppy look so I paired it with my oxfords and straw hat #dayrebeauty

Managed to get that perfect twirl to show how flowy this dress can be! The XS fits me like a dream….. I wished all my clothings would fit me this way. I’ve purchased a skirt from osmose @ Wisma quite sometime back. I was plumper then so the skirt doesn’t fit me the same anymore.

I haven’t been out shopping much in sg, but would def revisit osmose!! I totally forgot how trendy I felt their outfits were 😄

Thankq @/osmosestore for this collab!! I really enjoyed my time taking pics for this outfit 🤗

Parcel unwrapping time!!

And look what @/heroinemakeupsg sent to me!!! Omg guys, I’m a huge fan of their eyeliner cause they are BY FAR… the most lasting on the lids! No I’m not paid to say this ok

The PR set which was sent to me ✌🏻 yay new makeup

Have not tested out their eyeshadows before but I must say the pigmentation is really good. On days when I prefer softer… more korean-nish style makeup, i think that these two palettes would be very suitable!

I’ve swatched them all and my heart is leaning towards the rose palette. It’s the TOP palette btw!

Bunch of gel liners which I can’t wait to try out. I’m planning to use the “shiny beige” On my inner corner eyelids for work tmr! And the pink brown on the outer corners. ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

I seriously need to compile a selling post ASAP. My wardrobe is bursting and my clothings has spilled out of my wardrobe to the sofa and now my toilet 🤣 will try to get it done tmr or so! Most of the items are brand new so stay tune!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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