Cleansing skin care 👇🏻+ daily updates

Everything was in such a haze on Sunday. Touched down into Auckland and I can’t believe I slept almost through the day and the night ( yea, it’s 7.40am, Monday). I was so tired!! Idk how am I gonna power through my short and sweet nz trip with Husband Sim in jan. Lol!! Considering we’ve got a PWS to do and also the back to back activities + road trip 😅 I don’t know if we’re too over ambitious. Jet lag here is real guys.

On the other hand, we finally got our ballot tix settled!! 🎊🎉😬 we were pretty chillax while planning the entire trip and took us nearly 2 whole weeks to just book hotels. Lol kinda regretted having everything planned so last min since most of our preferred hotels were fully booked + prices were abit on the higher end. On an average, we spent abt $300 a night x 9 nights. 😑 #dayretravels

Husband Sim wasn’t too keen on Airbnb’s and I think we only had 1 night for that. And that’s cause we really didn’t have a choice!! We’re doing a 10 days road trip around south New Zealand with 2 days of PWS with Kent Yu btw! We’ve got all the payment settled last week 👏🏻👏🏻 right now, I’ve gotta plan how to bring my 4 wedding gowns + 2 suits up the plane 😅

Heh my Nephew and I!

Was trying on my gowns before repacking into garment bags. This is one of it! I’ve got like 4 gowns. 1 of it has a 5metre Long train. 🤣 please let me know if you’ve got any ideas on how to bring it onboard!!! My garment bag is VERY VERY big… too big to bring up the plane for sure. #dayrebrides

I’ll be selling off my gowns after the shoot btw!


Makeup : by me
Hair: Salon Vim Bugis

#throwback to my casual shoot with Husband Sim last week

1. Exfoliator by Kanebo Susai Beauty Clear Powder

I was kinda in the market looking for a gentle exfoliator for the skin. I happened to chance upon the Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder a couple of months back in Japan and it’s my new holy grail!!! 👍🏻

Packed in a little hexagon-shape capsules in powder form, the instructions are to add a little water to the powder and it’ll transform into a nice milky foam. Almost somewhat similar to any face wash!

Don’t think this product is very new in the market, but I was kinda skeptical in the beginning. Like powder Cleaners? Haha, sounds too odd.

I tried it once a week for a month and saw the difference! The product contains microbeads however it is very very very gentle on the skin. I loved how soft and clean my skin feels after each wash!! My complexion is also a lot brighter.

2. Cleansing face wash by Senka Perfect Whip

Guess this product is no stranger to us!!

Haha my favourite go to cleanser! A little product goes a long way…… I like to use this in the shower with lathering the product with a little water to create a foam. I have gone through abt 4 tubes of this face wash btw! I also use it as a double cleanser when removing my work makeup. My skin always feels so fresh after use!! 👍🏻

3. Makeup removers by Bifesta


Ever since I started on my eyelash extensions, I’ve been a little pickier with my choice of makeup removers. Yes, it has to be oil free to keep the eyelashes in tact. However, oil free makeup removers somehow do not do the job ( in my opinion) of effectively dissolving all my makeup. I find myself having to go through like 10 cotton pads before all my makeup is off the face 😳

So yea, I decided to split up and get the best of both worlds.

I would use the bifesta oil in makeup remover sheets… dampen with cleansing bright up lotion to remove my face makeup.. avoiding the eye area. With a very light hand, in wiping motions, I can effectively remove all my makeup with only 1 sheet! 👏🏻 furthermore, my skin still feels supple and hydrated!

For the eyes area, I would either use a cotton pad or another sheet of bifesta… dampen with neutrogena oil free makeup remover. Ughh, this isn’t my favourite cause I find myself tugging my eye lids a lot to get rid of my eyeliner. Still looking for the perfect oil free makeup remover for eyes, so hit me up if you girls have any suggestions! 🤗

3. Sheet mask

Ever since I started flying, I find myself turning to sheet masks more often since it’s easy to carry around. I’m talking about the Korean sheet masks in particular here and there are so many kinds masksin the market. I’m overwhelmed by the choices myself haha!

What left me such a huge impact of sheet masks was after a flight with this Korean FSS. She uses sheet masks almost every day and her skin looks damn glowy + hydrated. You know like those Kpop stars!! I was damn motivated by that and decided to take up the challenge.

I didn’t manage to commit 20mins every single day but I managed to AT LEAST do so 3 times a week, sometimes more! My favourite range would be from the face shop, the solution!

Basically, I was sold.

YES. Such a big difference! My skin is getting clearer after each sheet!!! I notice less bumps on my forehead and a subtle glow. I was definitely more confident to go out without makeup and even with makeup, I found myself using the smallest amount.

My tip and trick would be to use the mask the night before having a flight. I realise how I needed fewer touch ups throughout and how flawless my makeup looks.

Here’s a barefaced unedited photo of my skin right now

Forgive the nasty dark eye circles 😅! I’ve still got my problem areas… redness,enlarged pores and what nots. But I think I’ve done pretty well so far. Maintaining + improving skin complexion takes many many years of effort and money, but I Guess it’s all worth it when you can post a #ijustwokeuplikethis kinda photo.

#selfie with makeup on for my photoshoot


Ombré twirl dress, brand new!

Fits uk 6-10! Ima uk 8 btw, standing at 1.6m

$35 with normal mail!

Checkered shirt/dress. Brand new!

Sides are can be runched up with functional shoe lace

Can be worn as a shirt!

$22 mailed

Denim embroidery dress

Fits UK 8-10. Brand new!

$22 mailed. Denim is of good quality btw!

Email : to cfm!
Prices are negotiable if getting 2 or more
Thank you!! #dayrebeauty

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