Boxing day👊🏻 + updates +

Selling Christian Louboutin inspired follies strass flats in size 245

Fits uk 38.5-39 best

Brand new with box and paper bag

Self collection at Pasir Ris

Contact me at

$80 with meet ups
Price non negotiable

#dayrebrides #dayrebeauty

– SOLD –

Merry Christmas everyone!

This week flew by just like that. Managed to spend Christmas at home this year ( thank you god for giving me this chance) but the Husband was on flight. So meh~ no diff

I was struck with food poisoning a couple of days ago. All thanks to the nasi Padang store over @ T3 which Ezra and I tabao-ed. My ass was planted on the toilet bowl the entire night and I was vomitting and having diarrhoea all at the same time. I broke out in cold sweat from the excruciating abdominal cramps. Omg I felt as though I was dying… I crawled back to the room and woke my Husband up. Poor man, he kept waking up to check on me the entire night.

We decided to head down to raffles hospital the following day since we will be in the vicinity. ( yes, the boy had to die die buy his iPhone X) I asked for a jab since I felt pains occasionally and though I was starving, I didn’t dare put any food in my mouth. Wow, did the jab do wonders. 20mins after, I was back to my usual self. A little weak and lethargic, but I scraped through the day and even went for an Xmas party! 🎊 hahaha

We headed home today and I managed to get my #ootd post for @/mgplabel up!

The Husband was Super in love with this burnt orange jumpsuit! He mentioned I should dress like this more often ( haha) okay la, I really liked how the size small fit. Wasn’t too fitting at the bust area and I felt that I kinda looked taller in this outfit! #win

Hehe I wore this for dinner btw!! We had duck for dinner over @ Kay Lee roast duck. 💓 eh the roast duck there is expensive but really quite good.

Oh yea, if you notice… we got a new camera for our honeymoon next month. This is the Husband testing out his skills.. lol. 3/4 of the photos came out abit blurrish but yea, I rate him a 7/10 for trying 😘

Testing testing, can see the pics is abit blur right? Or am I being anal? 🤔

Anyway the jumpsuit is still in stock over @!!! Go get it!! The cut is really flattering and I love how it’s not in the usual colour i.e black, navy. It’s my first time I’m wearing such a colour as well!! I’m proud to say I’m expanding my wardrobe and there are more “colours”. Husband Sim once commented how I’m always in black/navy… and that all my clothes look somewhat similar. 😂

I’ve prepared a couple of self pampering “me” time before the trip

✔️final gown fit with z wedding
✔️hair treatment + redye of hair -thinking of gg lighter this time round 🤔
✔️eyelash touch up
✔️teeth whitening

YES, I’m gonna get everything done within the next few days before I leave for London over new year! 🎉

To further ramble on, IM SO EXCITED FOR MY NZ TRIP NEXT MONTH 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 it’s a honeymoon cum pre wed shoot trip! 🎊🎉 pretty psyched cause everything that we planned for the past couple of months is finally happening.

We booked our shoot abt 6 months prior to our shoot date, followed by the hotels, transport and tours, last but not least would be WIFI ROUTER.

My first appt would be my teeth whitening tmr!! Omg it’s been ages since I’ve done it and I remembered how my teeth sensitivity left me shivering in fear abt 8 yrs ago. Oh well, but for the sake of vanity I’m just gonna suck it up!

Proven to allow teeth to be 8 shades whiter? 🤔 hmm, let you guys know tmr on how it goes!

Good night 🎈

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