Annual leave begins!! whooooppie!! 🎉💃🏻

Fuck yeaaa! It’s the start of my annual leave!

Touched down from gloomy London this morning. I spent the last day of new year in the room sleeping btw 🤦🏻‍♀️ I managed to FaceTime Husband Sim though! And we wished each other at Singapore’s midnight before i crashed once again. Poor man had to rush home from his DPS turn just so he can make it on time to wish me.

Very very much looking forward to our NZ trip now! Leaving on the 5th and I have a shitload of things to bring up.

– sponsored clothings
– sponsored accessories
– 4 very big wedding gowns
– shoes/ heels

And all my other daily necessities. The Husband is coming over later to help me pack all my stuff. I’m just sitting on my bed and staring at the mess that split from my sofa to the floor to even out of my own room 😅

Lol #fml

Our itinerary is pretty much planned up by the Husband! Everything is settled EXCEPT for the videographer which we are still on the fence. To fly someone up from sg is so expensive since it’s abit last minute… abt $2.5k???? And that is not inclusive of accommodation and food and allowance/service. My never say die attitude is still preserving on though… hahahaha IM STILL ON THE SEARCH OK.

After watching numerous videos, ezra and I do have a preferred videography and he’s based in Queenstown. Problem is, they are on annual leave and the next available date is 23 jan. I got abit psycho and actually told the Husband to fly up on the 22nd and come back on the 24th. LOL….. my logic is that we can use our spouse ticket what! And it’s expiring! 🤔 anyway, after arguing back and forth, he told me to just find another vendor or wait till we’ve got a chc flight together 😫😪

Okay, this post is so dull and abrupt but I’m killing time here while waiting for Ezra to come home. Wish us luck on the packing!!

Night night!
Got some exciting news to share tmr btw.. watch this space ❤️

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