Getting ready for PWS NZ + Shoot in SG with James

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Can’t believe it’s the start of a new year! Can’t believe we are going to have our banquet THIS YEAR! No more saying “next year” “still long way to go” 😅

Excited yet scary much cause we’re not progressing in terms of our planning and everything seems to be just a blur mess? Wonder if any #dayrebrides feels the same way I do. I’ve got too many opinions and ideas from others till I don’t know what I should do/what I want.

Taking things one step at a time, we decided to start the new year right with a mini moon trip to New Zealand! We’ll be leaving tmr and the both of us have been so busy running errands. The Husband came over my place last night and attempted to help me pack my 4 gowns in. But NOPE, no progress. We ended up watching tv and slept! 😅😅😅😅 tonight….. no more procrastinating.

I got my nails done yesterday at a random shop in Bugis street! Super #YOLO moments but yea I just went into a shop that wasn’t busy and left the designing to them.


I was so happy with the results + it’s quite reasonably priced!

Removal of previous gellish + extensions + 1 acrylic extension on one of the fingers cause my nail broke + design….. I paid $120 only! Super win considering the amount of time and effort the manicurist took.

I rarely get my nails done with such fanciful designs due to work constraints. Felt so girly and I couldn’t stop showing the Husband how pretty my nails are!!! Lol

Getting my hair treatment + much needed cut and dye @ real time with Steve from @/salonvim! Decided to go a shade lighter since I’m getting used to the brown hair. #dayrebeauty how often do u girls dye your hair? My roots grew out in 3 months and it’s damn ugly + obvious!! I cannot 🤦🏻‍♀️

Causal couple shoot with @/jameschiamxw 🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♀️

Remember abt a month back I posted abt my shoot with figmentsnap!! Whoooohoo! Cause I just received the photos and I’m so pleased with all of them. I’ll share all the photos in this post so yea #imageheavy hahahaha!!

Husband Sim and I did a 3hour shoot with James. It’s a mini collaboration shoot with a few vendors! They’ve offered to give my readers discount codes so I’ve listed them below 👇🏻

– photographer ( @/jameschiamxw)
will post promo rates at the end of the post

– florist ( @/
the bouquet ive got is gg at a promo price of $98)

– balloons ( @/
quote “Leanne” for 10% off all balloons

Planning for the shoot 👌🏻

Prior to the shoot, James mentioned that he is able to cover abt 2-3 locations in the 3 hours. Of course it depends on the locations and the distance between each location.

After a little chat, we settled on 2 locations.
1. Canterbury
2. Lalang field @ Tuas

We wanted the evening “sunset” effect + somewhere with a lot of greeneries! ☀️☀️☀️

🌿🌳☘️🍃Canterbury 🌿🌳🍀🍃

First stop was at Canterbury! It was our first time there and omg guys, you DO need to drive to get in. It’s pretty secluded and we illegally parked along the road 😅 It’s a pretty popular spot for wedding shoots and we found confetti’s on the grass! Guess another couple was there before us!

It’s very annoying how Dayre crops all the photos 😪😪 sorry guys, pics will be abit small.

Started off with a couple of warm up shots

James made us at ease by asking us to talk and walk casually towards him!

Still walking.. the floral bouquet colours is so pretty here!!! 😍

Love this pic!

Feels like we are the only two humans vs the world! Never knew singapore had such scenic places ☺️

BW series

❤️ one of my favourite photo!

Balloon series!

All my balloons are from @/ 🎈🎈🎈🎈

Loved how the balloons adds colour to the pics! I got a total of 30 regular balloons 🎈

This is Husband Sim’s fav photo! Heh. I remembered how he had to sit on the branch first before I can put my ass down. Cause he’s heavier and the branch is quite unstable! LOL.

We had a customised balloon within a balloon as well! It says “chasing moments #ezleaxweds” ❤️

oh yea the pick up for the balloons was pretty epic. I had one big balloon along with 4 foiled heart balloons in s size and 1 foiled heart ballloon in m size and 30 regular balloons. We drove a bigger car but still had a hard time shoving them into the car!!

Poor James was squashed at the backseat with the balloons 😅

Swing shots!

Haha this is the iconic swing @ Canterbury!

Looking overly happy cause Ezra had a hard time carrying me up and holding there!!

James was like “ hold her up higher!!” “Hold it, hold it” and I felt like I was slipping down by the second. The Husband concluded that it’s not because he’s weak but cause I’m fat. Uhhh. Ok 😏

My bouquet from @/ 🌺💐🌸🌼🌹

I left the styling entirely to them and just mentioned that I wanted a boho-ish bouquet. I wasn’t particular with the type of flowers or colours!

So I picked the bouquet up with zero expectations and WOWZZZ… Ezra and I were super impressed with what she delivered! The pricing of her bouquets are also very reasonable and she’s having a promo of $98 for my bouquet.

James really has an angle for photos! Loved how he used our balloon prop as a filter 😍


BW feels~~~~~

We took abt 1 1/2 hours in Canterbury btw!

We were pretty blessed with good weather that afternoon. Though the skies were starting to get gloomy, I must say we still had some good shots!! We left the place and went on to our second location at Tuas.

🌾🌾🌾🌾 Tuas 🌾🌾🌾🌾

A very popular spot for pre wed shoot…. I told James that I really want shoot at Tuas!! James told me that we’re taking a gamble as he heard that the lalangs might be trimmed off

We drove around randomly along the lanes and chanced upon a waist high lalang field at avenue 5 ( if I’m not wrong) !!! Yay!!

That is our favourite shot btw! ❤️🌾

It was nearly 6pm at that point and the skies were super gloomy. Thank god the photos looks fantastic though!!!

It was our first time to Tuas and honestly I was kinda disappointed. Haha I anticipated a very very big field of lalangs but it was only just random spots and some of the lalangs were taller than others.

We had to keep readjusting ourselves and got pricked by random twigs. Really, not as glam as it seems 🤭

Took out the customised balloon from @/ 🎈

I loved the running shot series!! 🤗 it was spontaneous and fun with the balloons flying! 🎈


We managed to get a pic of the wordings on the balloon! Haha it was a hit or miss kinda thing… the ballloons weren’t very cooperative!!

Last photo with my bouquet 💐

Lalang feels~~~

Another of our favourite shot! ❤️😍❤️


Hahaha and Husband Sim attempted to piggy back me 😂 we were laughing cause it was freaking hot and he couldn’t get me up on his back cause I was elbowing his shoulder blades 😬

Haha the pics came up pretty candid and fun though!! 👌🏻😍

We only spent 1 hour at Tuas before calling it a day. It started to pour heavily when we left the place. What a way to end the shoot! 😁

🧐🤔Thoughts 🧐🤔

It’s the first time collaborating with different vendors for the shoot! I must say, the shoot was quite a success!!

Ezra and I throughly enjoyed ourselves that evening with James because we clicked quite well. He’s a very friendly and spontaneous guy whom is willing to go all out to get the perfect shot! I guess we’re all in the same age group and he also just had his wedding! He shared some tips with us which was a bonus!!

I think it’s very important to meet up with your photog before the shoot or at least whatsapp chat to share your visions and expectations. Also it’ll be good to find reviews online or at least check out their past works to ensure that the “feel” and “mood” of their photos are to your liking.

James told us he didn’t like the usual “ stand and pose” kinda shots so throughout… he had us talking, walking and making us laugh! We felt at ease and all the other poses just came naturally!

As mentioned in the beginning of the post, the shoot was 3 hours, 2-3 locations and he delivered abt 50-60 edited photos!

More or our photos or if you’d like to check his other works – 👌🏻🤗

🙈😱🤑🙇🏻‍♀️ PROMO!!! 🙇🏻‍♀️🤑😱🙈

As the shoot was such a success, James shared his rate cards with me! To the girls whom DM-Ed me on ig, here you go! ✌🏻

This is his pre wed package

Actual day rates! + his contact!

The first 10 couples whom quote “Leanne”, would be entitled to another $150 off ANY of the packages!!! #budgetbrides can consider!! Or even if you are married/not married you can consider taking the 3 hour package as a couple shoot!!

Wheeeewww, this a pretty Long post!! I took the entire afternoon to get this post up but looking back at all the pics, it’s pretty worth it 👌🏻😍

If anyone is interested to buy over the white dress I wore in the pics, I’m selling it!!! The dress is from and the white piece is sold out!

Selling it in SIZE SMALL
Worn once + dry cleaned
Letting go for $80 with self collection @ Fortuna hotel only ( next to Farrer Park mrt)

Email me if keen! – SOLD-

NO REGRETS DOING THE SHOOT GUYS 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’m happy that Ezra and I managed to squeeze in time to do this. The both of us are so pleased with the photos and the experience!!! We’ll be planning to use the photos for our banquet btw!! 😊😊😊

Continuation of my day….. 😁

Remember how I mentioned earlier that I’m having a hair makeover? It’s been 4 hours and I’m still here!! Hahahahaha this Dayre post really kept me very occupied

❤️😍💁🏻‍♀️Salon vim 💁🏻‍♀️😍❤️

Sneak 🤭

Ezra says I looks Super ah Lian 🤗

Takes abit of time to get used to the colour! But whoohoo!!! I took the plunge and sat on my ass for 4 hours! Guess it’s all worth it 👌🏻

Steve at salon vim Bugis did the Korean gloss treatment!

It’s a new treatment suitable for all types of hair.

Steve shared with me the benefits.. to sum it all up :

– detangles easily
– reduces 90% Frizz
– cuts short blow drying time by 50%
– appears shiny and feels soft
– looks natural and airy
– is easier to style and manage


My hair right now is totes #hairgoals 😍

I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😱❤️😍😱😱❤️😱

I did the whole works today. On top of the Korean gloss treatment… Steve #salonvim dyed my hair in the lightest brown shade and guys, it didn’t even require any bleaching. I’m so against having my hair bleached after the last terrible incident and had to snip everything off.

I wanted to go a shade lighter than my previous hair colour hence Steve recommended this shade of brown ( if I’m not wrong it’s no.12?/13?)

Don’t know how am I gonna go back to work with this hair but #YOLO! One day at a time.. 😅 will need to stock up on black hairspray once again!

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