Review of SHEN QI Mask from @ black swan lashes

After my NZ trip, I realised bouts of little bumps on my skin. I first realised them during flying… when I wear my makeup for long hours ( overnight). These bumps would however disappear after removing my makeup effectively + sleeping! So weird right!!!

My New Zealand trip def didn’t make it a whole lot better. As I was constantly on the road + the merciless sun, the bumps on my face just got worse and I even started to break out! Can u feel my anguish esp when I’m there for my photoshoot!!!

T H A N K G O D my photoshoot was done during the beginning of the trip when my skin condition is still okay. Towards the end of the trip….. I couldn’t take anymore #selfies and was desperately trying out all sorts of cream and mask I had on hand to control the situation of my face 😅😅😅😅😅

SHEN QI MASK from Black Swan @ Bugis cube

After my honeymoon, I visited my monthly lash appt with Rebecca at black swan. She was like

“omg you became so Tan!!”
“ your skin is very dry”
“ you’ve got more pimples!”

Haha honestly…. words I dreaded to hear 😑

She recommended me to try the Shen Qi mask that her shop was selling. Okay, I knew abt the mask existence for some time but have always been very apprehensive of trying new products cause of my very sensitive skin.

A little background of my skin condition :

– my skin is freaking dry despite how much masks/cream I apply ( esp during winter)
– my makeup wouldn’t last and start caking if I don’t exfoliate/apply skin care
– I have to do a patch test for new skin care products ( sensitive skin)

She kept assuring me how fantastic the mask is and how with only 1 application I would be able to see the difference. So… remember how desperate I was to TRY anything since my skin is just beyond help? Hahaha.. I purchased a box of 6 masks in hope of a miracle.

This is the SHEN QI mask packaging! Not much details… but kinda look very Taiwanese??

Meant to be worn 3-5 hours on the face ( lol yea, the only mask I know that can be worn such Long hours srsly) Rebecca told me to wear it to sleep that night!

LO AND BEHOLD GUYS………. ( results 😱)

First look of skin when I woke up after 7 hours with the mask on my face

I noticed –

1. How the small bumps all just disappeared
2. How glowy my skin is 😯
3. I became a shade fairer
4. Complexion became clearer and translucent

Just after one use, I was freaking SOLD

No filter required haha but forgive the stunned face

My new holy grail product!!

I can literally post a photo of #iwokeuplikethis 🤩

I texted Rebecca immd and told her how freaking satisfied I was and asked her for a disc code to share with my followers!!!

This is with makeup on that very day after using the Shen Qi mask. Seriously dk why I applied foundation when I don’t need it but haha #oldhabitsdiehard

Yesterday face of the day

This was 4 days after using the mask! Went out with concealer, eyebrow and eyeshadow makeup only!


Those whom follows me on Instagram would have prolly seen 101 videos and pics I’ve posted of this miracle mask!

Just for your information…
– I DO NOT sell the mask, it’s only available at black swan
– I’m not being sponsored.. just sharing cause it’s freaking good I swear
– I’ve only tried this mask ONCE and am sharing pics I’ve posted after using this mask once

Future plans? 🤔

Planning to use this mask once a week with my regular skin care on other days.. I’ll increase it to twice a week next month in hope of seeing a bigger difference!! Hopefully I won’t get those nasty bumps anymore.

So how I use the mask –

1. Wash face
2. Apply toner ( MUST) + serum ( OPTIONAL)
3. Put on the face mask for a minimum of 2 hours
I know how uncomfy it can get sleeping with the mask.

Sharing only the good stuff!!

Taken last night with ZERO edits and only my ring light

The Shen Qi mask is currently selling at black swan @ Bugis cube for $65.

Rebecca is so kind to extend a promo code for my readers!!! However, the promo code will only be revealed through DIRECT MSGES from my ig handle – @leannelow

Promo code entitles u to a box of 6 mask for $55

Buy 3 boxes of masks for free courier ( Uber) delivery

AND AGAIN, I’m not selling the mask so I do not have any stocks. Just sharing!

#dayrebeauty #dayrebrides #dayretravels

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