We’ve got matchy Rick Owen’s!

Decked in many layers of clothing this trip, the Husband reminded me countless time to bring enough clothes (since I always underpack) and even brought me to Uniqlo to get thermal wear.

Frankfurt was just basically very wet during our entire stay. It drizzled almost the entire 2 days so meh~~ didn’t get much done.

We headed down to town on our clear day to just hang around. Freaking proud of myself cause I didn’t bag home anything that day!

I’m no IT geek but yea wireless earphones are SO MUCH MORE convenient!!!

Sudio Singapore sent me a set of their Regent headphones which I can use for my travels! Loving how fuss free this pair of earphones are cause I no longer have to fumble with my wires!! 👍🏻

The Sudio wireless headphones can last up to 24hours with a full charge. However…. if you’re forgetful like me 🙇🏻‍♀️, there’s an option of plugging in the 3.55mm audio jack and start using them as per normal!

Pretty seek eh? 🎧🎼

I chose to the Regent white headphones from Sudio! Offering 15% to all my readers, quote “leannelow” during checkout at their official website.

My first pair of noise cancelling headphones ❤️

The impressive sound quality got me my boom boom boom which is crystal clear and sharp! 🎧

On the go with my Sudio regent headphones!

Arrived in Frankfurt’s city centre and the weather was freaking gloomy and dull 😕

Not exactly the best time of the year to visit though the town was swamped with tourist.

Jacket – Zara
Jeans – Primark ( 8 euro’s what a steal!)
Bag- Givenchy

I always use a small sling bag outstation cause I’ve heard so many horror stories on snatch thief’s and pickpockets. I feel a lot safer with a bag slung to the front so I can protect it with my life 🤭

Can never miss out on having the best scampi pasta and Hawaiian pizza topped with rocket leaves! 😍 this is one of our must eat’s whenever we’re in Frankfurt

Not forgetting this TO DIE FOR tiramisu cake which melts in the mouth. Have never been a fan of tiramisu till I tried this 5 years ago.

Treated ourselves with ice cream despite the 100000 calories from the pasta, pizza and cake 😂 we wanted to fight the cold by eating ice cream as we walked back to the hotel. Not a good idea guys 🙈


Prolly the highlight of this flight would be stepping into our favourite state! N Y C 🇺🇸

We were both dead beat from the flight and didn’t accomplish anything on day 1. Slept our way through the night and i must say, it was one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had.

Yay to no jet lags!

Eggcited to finally go out while the Husband is bathing 🤗

First stop, TIMES SQUARE ft my Daniel Wellington watch 🇺🇸

Charming on its own, everyone who visits nyc would definitely step foot in this crosswords of the world. Safe to say, I’ve visited Nyc quite a number of times already…. I’m still pretty amazed 😍💋

It was abt 8am when this photo was taken and look how crowded it can be?

I was fully clothed that day with my trusty Uniqlo heat techs! I wore like 3 layers of clothing + leg warmers before putting on my jacket. -4 degrees guys, my teeth were still chattering from the cold!!

Had bunch over at The Red Lobster 🦐🦀

Incorporating lobster/seafood into every dish of their menu, we’ve maxed out our cholesterol for the year 😅

Featuring the truffled oil lobster MAC and Cheese which was 👍🏻❤️👍🏻❤️

And the seafood platter! My fav would be the steamed lobster of course

& the lobster dip with tortillas which the Husband insisted on having. It was just meh~

Headed down to SOHO to get some shopping done. I loved how nyc is like a grid map and the buildings/shops are sorted out according to the avenues and streets. I swear it makes it so much easier to get around!!!

Kinda looking like a retard in this pic but I SWEAR it was snowing! 🌨🌨

We spotted little fine snowflakes after coming out from the vans store

Got hungry again from all the walking so Ezra being greedy as he is…. googled for the best Asian food in the vicinity at soho. We had the most comforting mee Hoon kueh ever!

Walked further to Dominique Ansel bakery to queue for the Cronuts! Kinda disappointed that the cronuts were sold out that day but we decided to try out their kouign amann which was freakinggggg awesome. Very pricey at one DKA for 6usd. Sweet tooth cravings satisfied! 😝

Since we still had daylight to spare, Ezra suggested to head down to Brooklyn so he can just snazzy shots of DUMBO. We took an Uber btw! I can never understand the underground trains in nyc and don’t plan to since Uber isn’t that expensive.

DUMBO, Brooklyn, NYC 😍

Featuring my photographer/Husband Sim 💋

Not too shabby eh? Haha he managed to get a candid shot of me as we were walking along the street towards Manhattan bridge!

Dumbo was pretty much swamped by tourist and Photographers… and in order to get a perfect shot, we’ll need to stand in the middle of the cross junction, it’s just too hard!

Posting this cause there’s a pink limo haha 😄

One of my favourite shots but I was dying to get a photo with the Husband!! We are toying with the idea to collate all our travel photos for our banquet.

Lucky enough!!

We chanced upon this group of asian youngsters and we finally got a photo together!! Haha he literally spammed the photos and even angled us to look taller 👍🏻

Chasing moments with you, Brooklyn NYC ❤️

My very fail jump shots 🙈🙈🙈

Hahahahaha Ezra and I had a very good laugh from this. He claims I’m too fat and my legs are short hence I can’t jump. #dayretravels

I got bored while he was taking landscape photos 😅🤭

We wanted to exercise out our non stop food binging throughout the day, hence we decided to take a slow stroll back to Manhattan. It was freeeezing💨💨💨

We took almost a billion shots before getting this pic!! There were just too many people on the Brooklyn bridge.

You see what I mean!! 😅

Even at the halfway mark there were still 12883 tourists! Proud to say that we managed to cross the entire bridge in 30mins!!!

I was dying for some warmth at that point. We were both dead tired from all the walking so we decided to call it a day and head back to our hotel vicinity.

Uber is a true life saver. It started pouring very heavily and our Uber managed to come in the nick of time ✌🏻 we went back to the room and hanged ard abit before heading out to get halal guys for dinner.

The sun was starting to set 🌥

This pretty much sums up my entire trip! Must say that we managed to achieve quite a bit in nyc this time round… from cafe hopping to shopping and even abit of sight seeing 👌🏻 haha I’m freaking proud of myself cause I’m so lazy half the time!!!

Just got back to Singapore and the both of us are still living in New York timing. We slept at 11am and only woke up at 6pm? What a freaking waste of our precious off days 😕

Just saw the news that Dayre would be shutting down on 28 Feb 2018 😪 gonna miss writing in this space..

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