San Francisco part 2

I’d say that Husband Sim and i took a leap of faith this trip despite the fog and hiked up mount Davidson, located just 20mins away from the city.

It took us detours to actually find the start of the hike trail since Google map didn’t show. Furthermore, Mount Davidson is a housing estate area filled with beautiful homes!! We were trying not to trespass ppl’s home then haha.

This was the start of the trail! We were greeted by tall forestry trees with birds chirping. So excitinggg!!!

LoL I was very inappropriately dressed that day. Dk what was I thinking abt hiking up in a skirt and my vans shoe which got pretty ruined by the end of the day.

It was a very quiet day during the hike.. figured that the weather wasn’t too good. However we ran into some locals along the way whom are usually accompanied by dogs! Apparently this place is kinda like their park, and they bring their dogs out in the mountains for walks!! How cool is that

The hike wasn’t very steep but it requires abit of fitness. Both Husband Sim and I were kinda panting when we reached the iconic cross. We are nearly there baby!

We stopped for a bit and attempted to do a couple of self timer shots. Not bad right? Haha took us abt 5 takes to achieve this photo.

Every corner of this forest is so photogenic! It wasn’t hard to get the perfect background. Just more of the poses that we kinda struggled with. Hahaha

We reached the top of the mountain and were blown away by the amazing view of San Francisco! Yes this is slightly higher than the twin peaks of San Francisco. What more, zero tourist!!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜

I look so tired here πŸ˜… blaming the jet lag on this one πŸ™Š

As you can see, it’s pretty foggy but not as bad as we anticipated. Still managed to get some good shots! My husband’s photography skills levelled up βœ¨πŸ‘πŸ»

Famous fallen tree at the edge of the peak! Haha we spent 1 hour here trying to get pictures with and of the tree

Back story, I tricked my Husband into climbing up on the tree branches for photos πŸ™ˆ haha I mentioned that everyone does that here but in fact, I didnt know anything!! Wanted him to “test” out the weight the branches could hold on to. Anything for a good shot right?

Haha it was worth it right baby??

With the help of my Husband, I managed to climb up too! Lucky there wasn’t anyone! I had so many unglam moments while trying to get up and down the tree.

Attempting to get some couple shots but failed hahaha Ezra’s head kept covering my face!

We were blown away by this magical forest! 😍

We got some poses off Pinterest for the mini shoot we had. Haha it’s damn hard to replicate 😫 we either looked too stiff or the entire pic has just no “feels”

Definitely NO REGRETS with the hike up mount Davidson! I’d do it again in a heart beat.

After a Long hard day of walking, we decided to head to Mr Holmes Bakehouse to try out their cruffins! YES, it’s a muffin x croissant 😍❀️

Highly raved over Instagram, their little store is located right smack in the city! As there was a Long line for this, the kiasu-ness in me brought us 4 cruffins home.

They churn out limited cruffins daily only and this little boy definitely made it into my heart of a pastry enthusiast!! ❀️

Was trying very hard to get a picture with their signature neon signboard. There was even a small queue to take pics at this spot omg πŸ™ˆ

Right, so if you’re wondering how the cruffin taste like….


It has a sugar coated outer layer with a flakey texture of a croissant and flavour of a muffin. Also known as the “unicorn of pastries”, the cruffin is about my fist size filled with the flavour of the day! ( they have diff flavours for diff days)

Honestly I can’t remember what I had that day. They started on a new menu and I was so excited to try that I forgot to note it down πŸ˜… the cream isn’t very sweet though.. Super light weight and fluffy!

The only sitting area in the store!

We bagged home abt $40USD worth of pastries that morning hahaha!! Didn’t even finish half of it so I flew it all the way back to sg for my family to try.

By that time, both Ezra and I were pretty shag. The stupid time difference made us wake up at 4am every single day… and to avoid sleepless nights, we tried to entertain ourselves (outside) so we can sleep thru the night.

We decided to chill and take it slow that afternoon by sutra baths. Another tourist spot!

It was freaking foggy btw. Can’t see nothing in front of us… apparently we’re able to view part of the Golden Gate Bridge from where I stand. Curse the fog!!!

Haha this picture is fully edited to achieve the sunset look. But in fact, I couldn’t see anything before me. What a waste πŸ˜ͺ

Evidence of the fog 😠 apparently this fog has a name as fogs in San Francisco is pretty common. It’s Karl the fog!

We drove down to Bakers beach and yes, Karl the fog is everywhere 🀨

pretty calming though as we listened to the waves clashing and the cool Breeze from the ocean waters.

Other points of interest that we visited in San Francisco that I didn’t had much photos of :

San Francisco premium outlets ( complete waste of our time)

Alcatraz ( awesome, insightful visit!)

Quite amazing idea to have a prison on an island in the middle of San Francisco. It’s so close yet so far! 10mins ferry ride.

The tour was audio based and it’s narrated various “famous prisoners” experience, how they lived and info about the 2 famous escapes that the prisoners tried to make but failed.

This is the dining hall of the Alcatraz! Behind me is the kitchen.

To wrap things up, San Francisco is pretty alright. Had a good mini moon there with the Husband! Too many clear days there and we managed to visit all the tourist spots and feasted in ihop + Cheesecake Factory!

As for now, we’re still trying to get over our jet lag and recuperate from the 17 hr flight. 2 days off isn’t enough la!!XX,


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