What we did in Penang | @joiezbridal

The month of April is all about photo shoots. From Paris via sweetescape to Penang via joiezbridal and last but not least, Singapore via z wedding by Chris ling.

Ezra and I are getting pretty natural in front of the camera!! Hahaha comparing the shoot we did in Korea, this is getting so much easier and faster! I mean like couple poses are more or less the same throughout wedding photos and I’m proud to say we mastered the art of being natural, causal yet knowing our angles for the shoots we’ve done so far!

So coming back to the Penang shoot with Joiezbridal… it was a pretty impromptu trip and we flew over for the very first time to Penang without knowing what to expect. Apart from eating all day, I don’t think we did anything else 🀣

We were only there for 3 days 2 nights with the photoshoot taking up most of the time so yea πŸ™ˆ definitely we’d like to visit again on our own time!

The front entrance of joiezbridal! Hahaha it was countless Uber trips we took up and down this place man.

I was left in good hands with the in-house makeup artist! This was right after dolling me up. I wanted something more natural and “me” hence I chose to do my hair is tousled waves.

Makeup was very very much to my liking as well!!! The MUA gave me a shimmery brown eye to match my hair and dresses. She defined my eyelids by sticking on double eyelid tapes and gave me a fake nose job by contouring πŸ‘πŸ»

Can’t really see much of the makeup and hair. But this is the overall look I was gg for! 100% spot on πŸ’•

The range of gowns were pretty impressive!! They had everything that suits individual taste… from the boho bride to the tres chic bride and full glam bride! The helpful girls that day took out a bunch of their new gown collection and helped me in my decision!

While waiting for Ezra as he tried on his suits πŸ˜… we were entitled to 3 suits and 3 gowns that day! 🀩 it was so tough making a decision for the outfits as we liked so many…..

Behind the scenes @ joiezbridal

right, as our photo’s are currently not ready yet! I shall post a couple of behind the scenes that the assistants took for us!

I wore the above 2 gowns for the scenes at the Eastern and oriental hotel! As it’s a very historic and grand hotel, I chose 2 gowns which were more luxurious! There are so many spots in the hotel to take in and we spent almost 3/4 of the day there covering all the spots!

We wore sneakers for our outdoor shoot along the streets so I chose something more casual. Kinda looks like my ROM gown!! 😍 this is prolly my fav gown of the 3!

We headed down to view our photos the next day. And OMGGGπŸ™ˆ I exclaimed to Ezra, telling him how hard it’ll be to choose 35 pix from the entire lot. Can’t wait to share them!

As you can tell, we didn’t opt for a studio shoot cause we alr did one in Korea. We wanted a shoot to show more of “Penang” hence requesting for more scenes outdoors.

So after the shoot, Ezra and I were talking about how this shoot and the style reminds us so much of korea but a 100% better experience. The girls and photographer were friendly… constantly making jokes and made us feel very comfortable.

Check out their Instagram @joiezbridal and you’ll get what I mean! The bridal store itself has a studio upstairs! And what more, price range is def cheaper than Korea. Haha!

The team ❀️😍

Anyway, will be disclosing more photos once they’re ready! They’ve given me a promotion for my readers and it’s def a deal not to be missed. Still finalising the details! I’ll be back to share! #dayrebrides



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