My new facial power tool- ReFa Clear πŸ’¦

Howdy Wednesday!

Back again to share my latest beauty device which I got from ReFa. It’s non other than the latest ReFa CLEAR!

Launched about 2 months ago, the ReFa clear device taps on sonic ion technology to get rid of impurities on the face.

The device has 3 modes –

– soft

For gentle soft cleansing, especially in the morning


Slightly stronger cleansing, especially for days when I’ve got light makeup on

– deep

Strongest mode amongst the 3. Power cleansing especially used after work… where my makeup is heavier! I use this mode for exfoliating as well.

I combine the usage of the ReFa clear device alongside with their facial cream wash. I realised the difference when I used my own face wash as compared to refa’s cream wash. The cleansing device definitely glides better on the latter! So it’s highly recommended if you’re considering to purchase the device. I only use about a pea size amount as shown in the pic above. The cream lathers really well with water and produces a soft, creamy and rich foam! The ingredients for the facial wash contains hydrolysed prune and pear extracts which helps to soften and exfoliate dead skin. So first up, I’ll wash my face with water and lather the ReFa cream in my hands before applying on my face. Of course, my makeup has been removed before doing so.Picking up the device, i’ll wet the brush of ReFa clear before turning it on and massage it in circular motions around the face. The key is to go from area to area. Ie, I usually start with the forehead… going clockwise down to my cheeks and chin. The brush is extremely soft with ultra fine bristles. It’s suppose to conform to every inch of the face so as to cleanse effectively! So what’s the great about this 3D sonic motion? I went to google about it and this means that it produces micro movement both horizontally and vertically so that the bristles can effectively dislodge any tiny nook of dirt “stuck” in the pores! Amazing right?! The vibrations is exceptionally soothing to the skin and I’m Super hooked onto this device even though I just got it a couple of weeks back. Not only leaving a fresh face after, I realised that there isn’t any “dirt” or “leftover makeup” when applying my toner with a cotton pad. How satisfying is it to see a totally spotless cotton pad???So this is right out the shower before applying any products to my face. I managed to spot visible differences such as firmer and clearer skin! #nofilterseriously

Learning through the hard way, the key to having good skin is to ensure that the skin is cleansed effectively with proper equipments and products that is suitable for your skin type. When I was younger, I did not understand the importance of exfoliating or cleansing. It took me many years to minimise my enlarged pores and get rid of black heads esp ard my nose and forehead.

Furthermore, with extremely sensitive skin…. I do not trust products that is not made in Asia ( haha, Ang moh brand facial creams causes me to break out idk why). Somehow Asian skincare is more suitable for me! I’ve tried other cleansing devices like the ReFa clean in the market but somehow still prefer this as it’s very gentle on the skin and can be used daily! Plus point cause it doesn’t tug on my skin. My toner, serum and moisturiser application is a lot smoother after each wash.

With well cleansed skin, not only did my makeup last longer on my face… but I started using lesser products to cover up my flaws. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

I’m extremely Glad to be onboard with refa’s latest facial clear cleanser and this is my honest review! I’ve been travelling with this portable baby and have been using it twice, daily! Each charge is able to last me about 2 weeks.

Let me know if you’ve got any queries.. will be happy to share!



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