My journey with the FUJIFILM X A-5

This has been my recent GO TO camera for the past 3 weeks and it has been one hell of a ride! I love love loveeeeee the flip screen selfie function and the film camera looking outlook of this Fujifilm!

So guys, I’m presenting to you the FUJIFILM X A-5 which I took along with me during my trips to Sydney, Frankfurt and New York City!

My Husband is working out his skills on photography so we decided to go around the streets of Sydney CBD area to do a mini shoot! He’s currently using the SONY A9 btw. ๐Ÿค—

Okay I’m side tracking… so if here’s some pics of how the camera looks like slung against my petite frame!

Romper from @purpursg

Pix taken with Sony a9

Super cute right!! And vintage looking! It’s very light as well… and isn’t as bulky as I thought it’ll be! Fits inside my bags but I prefer to have it slung across my body for easy access when taking pix!

Moving on to the awesome #selfie function which I absolutely love… it comes with 3 beautifying modes. Something like Meitu Xiu Xiu so you won’t need to edit your pix much after wifi-ing the pix across to the phone. #win


I’m using level 1 for the portrait beautifying function and whoohooooo!! I look freaking flawless and poreless ๐Ÿ™ˆ furthermore, the flipper screen makes taking #selfies extra easy as I get to adjust my own positioning!

Outerwear from : @preppieshoppie

I’m using the 15-45mm kit lens which gives a creamy Bokeh effect!!! I’ve received so many compliments on how sharp my pictures look with this cam!

I tried out their landscape mode from the view of my hotel room and realised that one of Fujifilm’s xa5 awesome pawsome selling point is its AF system which gives accurate and fast pics esp for motion!

I’m no camera geek myself… and enjoy shooting in auto mode btw. So given the many filters such as pop colour, fish eye and dynamic tone ( these are my favs)…. shooting with this XA-5 is definitely fuss free!!

I’m also on a lookout to do vlogs or just videos to be posted on ig with this camera. And I managed to do it!! Haha I’m not a professional video editor and know nuts abt video editing so I must say it took me a lot of effort to get the video done. Haha I’m damn proud of myself!

Here are more pix I used to take with the Fujifilm XA5!

Central Park! Skirt from @preppieshoppie

Failed #selfie at Times Square! Haha couldn’t see the background cause I was in portrait mode ๐Ÿ˜…

Chio #selfie haha! While waiting for the Husband to take pics btw…. I was bored. Anyway this pic is zero edit! Filter is portrait 1 from the camera!

Overall, I think the Fujifilm x A5 is a step up from the regular point and shoot camera for entry level enthusiasts! Priced very reasonably at about 1k SGD ( I think)… this camera is definitely very useful for #selfie girls like me ๐Ÿค— furthermore, the recording video function is 4K with the option to go 1080p of course. My video done above was in 1080p btw cause my memory card can’t support.

Another plus point for me is the wifi/Bluetooth function, which allows quick transfers from camera to phone with minimal need for edits.

The SR+ mode also never fails to amaze me. It’s like better “auto” function which automatically select the best focus or settings for the pic. Most of my photos shown in this post were taken in SR+ mode!

It’s been a great 3 weeks with the Fujifilm XA5. Hehe do email me more if you’ve got any enquiries on the cam! Would be happy to share

Blessed Monday everyone! ๐Ÿ’•


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