What’s upppp

I’ve been leading such a healthy sleep pattern of the late, sleeping early and waking up very very early. It’s 6am as I’m typing this post and my hubs is all curled up the blanket. I’m boredddddd

It’s been ages since this space was updated ( lol I’m kinda bouncing between Dayre and WordPress) so yea… lemmme share with you my #ootd over the past month or so! ( oopz, need to be a little more active🙈)

Wangz hotel staycation ❤️

Hubs and I got invited to do a one night staycation at wangz hotel located at Tiong Bahru!! The hotel is cosy and the rooms are amazing. We had a comfortable 1 night stay there and if it’s not for work… I’d totally pay for another night.

Took like 100 shots before we got the perfect position. Haha I’m wearing the bow bralet from @kissablebella

This red chair is Super comfy!!!!!!! I don’t know why but I had such an obsession with this chair I desperately wanted to find out where it’s from and buy 1 for myself.

Grey sash romper from @3niute 💞

Last but not least, WANGZ hotel ultimate bathtub!! Ezra went to get floral petals + bubble bath soap so we could soak in it that morning before checking out. This staycay kinda coincides with our courtship anniversary so he wanted to make it special for meeee 💞 hehe

We had such a lovely time during our stay. The staff checked up on us after we got into the room, their Housekeeping services are prompt, everyone is just so smiley and courteous!! I mean I know the service industry is tough.. and it’s not every day you wake up on the good side of the bed. I really salute everyone at WANGZ hotel whom not only portrayed a warm personality but are actually genuine ( at least to me la haha) I’m bugging Ezra to do another staycation there soon and try out their other rooms.

Although the both of us are super swamped with work… we always try to make time for ourselves. Recently, I’ve been taking up too much jobs and it’s kinda overpowering. I mean I loveeee to take #ootds and wear new clothes ( who doesn’t!) but the datelines and timeframes are so tight at times. I’m always trying to push myself by finishing each job ASAP to deliver to my clients…. kinda don’t like to keep others waiting and I feel so bad.

Lucky for me, hubby has this passion for photography.. not portraits or #ootd btw. But I still rope him in for my mini shoots & we constantly go to new places to explore! We headed to Coney Island on one of the mornings!

Earrings by @thestyleinvasion

TOP : Uniqlo x kaws

Skirt : @shopjenith

And as you can tell from my ig, there’s abit of a contrast in photography styles and it’s pretty easy to Guess which ones are taken by my hubs. Haha… he’s edits are more of the dark and moody kind.

Dress from @allwouldenvy

Dress from @fayth

We were at coney for abt 1 hour before sweating buckets. I swear even portable fans don’t work anymore! The weather is too unforgiving these days & we prolly need to have a portable AC for shoots.

Haha the suddden switch of photography style! Do you see it?

Playsuit by @blairwears

TOP from @thestagewalk

On days when my hubby isn’t around… I have to rope in my dear mother to help me with my #ootds hahahaa. But srsly, she’s getting quite good!

Dress from @kissablebella

I loveeee the bow back on this summer dress!!!

Dress by @allwouldenvy

Asymmetrical hemlines are currently trending!! The length of the dress is Aso perfectt!!! I get a lot of DMs on ig asking me abt my height and weight. I’m 1.6m tall only and for weight wise…. haha let’s just keep it a secret. I’m a uk 4-6 for now 🙂

Jumpsuits!!!! This is from @shopwildpeonies 😍 the cutting is sooooooo good and material is slightly on the stretchy side. I’m wearing a size xs for this. It’s kinda fitting on my bust area cause I’m blessed just like that. But elsewhere, it’s perfect fit!

When I was on this major weight loss the last 6 months, my entire body shrunk but no, my boobs still kinda remained 🙈 I don’t feel proportionate anymoreeee 🧐

TOP from @shopjenith

Most of my pics here are taken with the Fujifilm xt100. The ultimate new #selfie camera!!!!! Because I’m a photography noob, I use the auto function and let the pictures do the talking. Honestly, I don’t do much edits unless the lighting is very very bad.

The camera is portable and light with a flip side way screen for #selfies! It took me some time to get used to the functions but right now, it’s my every day camera that’s always in my bag. I mainly use it for taking outfits & short videos on my ig!

I usually only use my phone to edit my pictures ( cause it’s so much faster and convenient)! My ultimate to go apps are :

– Snapseed

– Lightroom CC

– Facetune

– Snow


Will do a full update of my camera soon!


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